Bohemian Queen Rules America

Before I found the Hidden Seed of the Moravian Church I posted this.

Come to White Mountain

blanik2 blanik3

Rosamond Press

The Descendants of Queen Elisabeth once ruled America. King George was a great grandson. Since we no longer have a leader, thanks to the Evangelical Confederacy, I am thinking of making an ap, where The People get to elect a – Leader of the Month! It doesn’t matter if our choice is a real leader. The only qualification is – they must be dead! For thirty days we will pretend that person is alive, and ruling over us. No, I’m not talking about King Jesus! Knock it off! Haven’t you whacky evangelicals done enough damage?

Now that we know everyone is fighting over us, and want to own Good Customers, we can create, and live, in the reality of our choice. I choose……….Elizabeth of Bohemia!

You go girl! You are my Queen of Hearts! Flaunt it – baby! Flaunt it! She’ll make America great again. Why not send her a…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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