The Republican Land of Sunshine Party

I believe Trump was helped by Franklin Graham in setting the course for the Republican Party For God. The Soaring Up began with Trump announcing less people are recieving food stamps. This is A SIGN – of what? Money saved feeding people will go to making more ICBMs in the new Cold War of God aimed at making the Socialist State of Israel – feel more safe by demonizing Iran. Trump created a DMZ along our southern border recreating the Evil Years of the Vietnam War. Fuck THE WALL!

I have been looking at starting The Take It Easy Republican Party which allows all Republicans to openly enjoy The Bohemian Way…..of life! It is at the Bohemian Hotspots that the two parties meet and blend. Let’s get away from the hysterics, and, take it easy!

Rosamond Press

On this day, April 22, 2018, I found ‘The Republican Land of Sunshine Party’. There is a plan afoot to make several States out of the State of California. Many Republicans are unhappy. Why? I believe they are disgruntled because they have been sold fake Redneck, Neo-Cofederate cultural tradtions that have nothing to do with folks in the West, or, folks in the Red States, for that matter.

What I suggest is the formation of a new Republican Party based upon the traditions set by John and Jessie Fremont, as well as the traditions put forth by California Magazines that boosted the attributes of the West.

In answer to Traitors waving a Confederate flag in one hand, a Bible they know nothing about, in the other, I suggest ‘The Land of Sunshine’ ‘Out West’ and the ‘Overland Review’ be treated like Biblical Orthodoxy, and be a Guide to Western…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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