Sir Easton and Sparwoude

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Sir Ian Easton married into the Van Duyn-Sparwoude bloodline and thus has ties to the Illuminate according to this author. Ian’s marriage was dissolved. Did he marry for money and a title? Rena was thirty-four when they got married. She had two children late in life. Did Ian do a background check?

Did Ian hound Margarethe to claim some of Clara’s money? Did she lie about getting it? We are talking about The Thirteen.

In 1970 I considered asking Rena to be my wife. In 1985 I married Mary Ann Tharaldsen who descends from Leif Ericson. Mary Ann was married to Thomas Pynchon who wrote Vineland.

Leif was the son of Erik the Red and his wife Thjodhild, and the grandson of Thorvald Asvaldsson.

I mentioned a Mexican woman in the Christensen bloodline. Was a line of this family amongst the Mormons who created colonies in Mexico? Vikings! Consider…

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