Hiding My Grandson From Me

Two nights ago I watched Remini talk about the death of a Scientology member who tried to leave. Shamus Dundon turned my family into a cult with his egregious lies. Shamus grew up with two psychotic criminal men. Ken Prather put a hit on my sister. Shannon said Vic raped her. I am the only one who went to the police. I watched my once honest sister become a clever liar just to survive the presence of the violent men she bonded with. Those who practice being true to themselves will be excommunicated.

John Presco



Robert S. Minton seemed to surface out of nowhere in late 1997. • A retired investment banker and millionaire from New England, he began to show up at anti-Scientology demonstrations in Boston and Clearwater. He gave millions to groups critical of the church. • He became the money man behind a wrongful death lawsuit by the family of Lisa McPherson, whose unexplained death at Scientology’s Clearwater mecca threw the church into crisis. • Minton quickly became the Church of Scientology’s No. 1 nemesis. • “I felt that the little guys needed some help,” he once said. “I’m putting my money where my mouth is.”

Rosamond Press

Shamus was very pleased with himself after getting my daughter on HIS SIDE. When I find my daughter again, my nephew is gleeful when he informs me I am going to be a GRANDFATHER! He tells me he is protecting my daughter from me – and my unborn offspring. This is the guy who went with my nine year old niece down into that dangerous cove, then, disappears himself. We exchange e-mails about his whereabouts. I catch him in several lies. He knows Christine was suicidal. Rosemary hinted she did a Virgnia Wolf. I dealt with Bill’s apparent suicide that wrecked havoc with my life. After comparing notes with his sister, and after it was conclusive my childhood friend took his life, Vicky Arnold bid me to get sober so she would not be alone with this truth. I have thirty yeas sobriety.

“Mom called me last night after getting…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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