Invasion of Glenwood Thwarted

I went brainstorming again last night. Why Glenwood? Why don’t I just let them have their way?

Rosamond Press

Here is The Art of the Deal.

John Presco

The Invasion of Glenwood

The invasion of Glenwood was led by Apex Investments of Dubai. Springfield and Eugene refused my history of the Miller Brothers, and John and Jessie Fremont. What are they giving the people? What are they giving women, and men? Who wants this empty clean space of the mind? Why did so many women vote for Trump? Who is bankrolling these projects? The Arabs got wealthy from the oil they own. They pretend there is a cultural exchange. There is not. Araba leaders are barbarians, family run oligarchies that our President emulates to the delight of squealing white women.

Who are these Hotel Cartel People? What are they not being questioned? Do we want what they have to sell? Are they helping the homeless? Who are they? We are just…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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