Uncle Tomahawk

All three groups have a religious-spiritual agenda, and believe they own the moral HIGHGROUND.  They gather at the Lincoln Memorial, and not the Capitol as I previously stated. The Black Hebrews harangue the Native Americans, as is traditional amongst Judaic prophets. They quote the Old Testament. However the language is crude, lewd, and degrading. The term “Uncle Tomahawks” is used in a hateful manner. A young NA approaches the BH, and objects. A NA woman asks why they are being hateful.

Then the BH notices a crowd is forming on the steps in back of them. They note they have taken the HIGHGROUND, and are quickly outnumbered. This is noted verbally. The sight of the Red Caps creates tension. The BH feels physically threatened. They do not want to appear to be cowards who betray their God. They rain down verbal abuse on the Colonel Crazies, who do a native WAR CHANT. The BH are amazed by the actions of the CC that the NA have noticed. Sensing violence is coming, Philips moves between the two groups – to make peace. The CC think at first the NA have joined them, and do their Aborigine dance. But then Philips is seen as being on the side of the BH.

A group of CC step in between the Philips and the HB, and approach them. They want to hear and read their message. Hearing the cussing, there is anger. A coach, or teacher, asks the CC several times to back up.

A CC student says he got permission to let go a WAR CHANT. This should have never been done while wearing MAGA caps. These RED caps are WAR FLAGS. thanks to the President of the United States, who loves DIVIDING our nation, and building walls between people. The Trumpite Tribe is to blame. This is why TRIBAL PEOPLE react to other tribes who appear HOSTILE. The CC huddled, knelt, and prayed to Jesus to give them supernatural strength.

The adults present need to be questioned by the FBI. Behavior Scientists need to submit a report. The opinions of Agnostics and Atheists, needs to be heard.

When I attended a July 4th. Celebration in Springfield, the all-white crowd was not happy with a black woman singing the blues. They snubbed her. So I went down and danced in front of the stage. I believe these were angry White Men Evangelicals and their loyal submissive women.

Tribalism is alive in America. My neighbors ganged up on me after watching a few videos on this blog. They invoked the names of women who belong to the Whoville tribe who have commandeered the Wayne Morris Free Speech Plaza, many times, along with Ken Kezey Square. I was warned not to attend a City Hall meeting by Head Wiccan, Alley Valkyrie.

Play first two videos at the same time and help this old Witch Doctor be free of the hexes put on me by Evangelical and Anarchist Wiccans. I am sure Kim’s church holds prayer hexes and cult vigils. Are we dealing with CULTS?

John Presco




Ben Ammi Ben-Israel established the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem in Chicago, Illinois, in 1966, at a time when black nationalism was on the rise as a response to the Civil Rights Movement. In 1969, after a sojourn in Liberia, Ben Ammi and about 30 Hebrew Israelites moved to Israel.[23] Over the next 20 years, nearly 600 more members left the United States for Israel. As of 2006, about 2,500 Hebrew Israelites live in Dimona and two other towns in the Negev region of Israel, where they are widely referred to as Black Hebrews.[50] In addition, there are Hebrew Israelite communities in several major American cities, including Chicago, St. Louis, and Washington, D.C.[51]

The Black Hebrews believe they are descended from members of the Tribe of Judah who were exiled from the Land of Israel after the Romans destroyed the Second Temple in 70 CE.[50][52] The group incorporates elements of African-American culture into their interpretation of the Bible.[51] They do not recognize rabbinical Jewish interpretations such as the Talmud.[50] The Black Hebrews observe Shabbat and biblically ordained Jewish holidays such as Yom Kippur and Passover.[53]

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