The Orange Blue Prophecy

Blue is a Catholic character in my novel ‘The Royal Janitor’. Covington Catholics wear kilts and imitate Maori WAR CHANTS. They march in public streets led by a piper.  Every alleged child knows how aggressive this is, and provocative. Making people who are not one with them, feel outnumbered – is a goal! Putting on a red MAGA cap is a step up the ladder to manhood. This is MOB MENTALITY!


Beechwood Vs. Covington Catholic

 Football is taken very seriously here (is that a small town cliché?). Each year the big game is Beechwood High School against Covington Catholic. The local news channel often films the game, the Beechwood kids paint themselves head to toe in red and white tiger stripes and the Covington Catholic boy don kilts and blue paint (I’ve never understood that – Braveheart?)

Catholics seek sainthood for scourge of the English

SIR William Wallace, one of Scotland’s national heroes, has already received Hollywood sanctification in the film Braveheart: now Scottish Roman Catholics and historians want him made a saint.

Wallace, who was portayed by Mel Gibson in the controversial film, led the struggle that freed Scotland from English rule, defeating the English army at the battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297. Despite his violent life, which culminated in his execution in London in 1305, a number of prominent Scottish Roman Catholics are urging the Church to pursue the cause of his canonisation.

They argue that his personal faith and martyrdom have parallels with Joan of Arc, the French warrior and scourge of the English who was canonised in 1920. Wallace remained loyal to Pope Boniface VIII during his turbulent life and read the psalms as he was disembowelled.

The office of Cardinal Thomas Winning, the head of Scotland’s Catholic Church, said yesterday that he was aware of the interest. A spokesman said that the precondition for opening a cause for canonisation was that there should be a “local cultus or popular devotion” to the person in question. The spokesman said: “While it is clear that Wallace is a widely admired Scot, it would be stretching things a little to suggest that most people were devotees of his sanctity.”

John McGill, a Catholic, historian and author of the book In Pursuit of Sir William Wallace, said that he hoped the cause would now gather momentum. He is amassing fresh evidence of Wallace’s saintly qualities. Elspeth King, a leading expert on Wallace, said that the Catholic Church had been preparing a case for Wallace’s canonisation soon after his death, but the project foundered because of turmoil in the papacy.

Rosamond Press

The ability to see the future, for real, is a terrible burden I have owned most of my life. You are always open to attack from just person who you let get close to you, and, then attacks you because they perceive you own a gift. There is a special energy about you that they want a taste of. Trying to destroy you, attaches themselves to you, so they can suck your gift away. They also were in need of attention.

An artist, writer, poet, prophet must put his WORK before the public. This is the part I never liked, because I go into a incredible trance when I create. I leave this world, and go to places very few know exist. I walked around in a daze in this town of Springfield, in a daze pulling up more images from the dialogue that came out of nowhere. Since I…

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