Kurds Retake Sinjar

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It has been a very Bad Luck Day for the flyers of the Evil Black Flag.

“600 square metre Kurdistan flag to be raised in shengal very soon.

Breaking YPG and YPJ are also attacking isis positions from Rojava.”

I posted this on a Kurdish FB:

Alas, some wise people got wise and created this victorious image. WE all need a victory over evil. The Kurds have given the whole world a victory this day. Well done!”

I also told my Kurdish friends I would write my Congressman (Peter DeFazio) and protest the evil politics Erdogan inflicted upon the Kurds, and the whole world, in order to get reelected. This liar knew the Kurds would be victorious over ISIS, and he and his conservatives would be swept out of office. He made war on the brave women of the PKK that took part is this victory.

As an original Hippie, I…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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