Kurds Retake Sinjar

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It has been a very Bad Luck Day for the flyers of the Evil Black Flag.

“600 square metre Kurdistan flag to be raised in shengal very soon.

Breaking YPG and YPJ are also attacking isis positions from Rojava.”

I posted this on a Kurdish FB:

Alas, some wise people got wise and created this victorious image. WE all need a victory over evil. The Kurds have given the whole world a victory this day. Well done!”

I also told my Kurdish friends I would write my Congressman (Peter DeFazio) and protest the evil politics Erdogan inflicted upon the Kurds, and the whole world, in order to get reelected. This liar knew the Kurds would be victorious over ISIS, and he and his conservatives would be swept out of office. He made war on the brave women of the PKK that took part is this victory.

As an original Hippie, I have been against all wars. But, when I saw the Kurdish connection to Meher Baba and Queen Helena, whose family fought against the slave masters of Rome for the Temple in 68 AD, I knew this was a World War against real evil that transcends mere politics. Those Devils have attacked and destroyed much art that my newspaper, Royal Rosamond Press, swore to protect. This is a World Civil Rights Movement that is protecting Freedom of Expression. This is not a delusional war on X-Mas via Starbuck’s coffee cups. We Americans need to sweep mentally ill prigs out of office and replace them with men and women, who like the Kurds, can face reality.

My late sister was a famous artist. Christine Rosamond Benton, married into the Benton family of famous artists. Jessie Benton married John Fremont who co-founded the Republican Abolitionist Party, was its first Presidential candidate, and he freed the slave of Missouri so they could help fight the Slave Masters of the Red State Evil that is reborn in ISIS.

In a book Royal Rosamond authored, that my aunt Lillian owned, my grandfather claimed he descends from Captain Isaac Hull, who sailed the U.S. Enterprise to the Barbary Coast to wage war against a tyrannical caliph where was taking U.S. Merchantmen as slaves. Hull captained the U.S.S. Constitution.

It does not matter how many western leaders believed the Kurds could kick ISIS butt. What matters is – ISIS believed they could beat their ass – and that is why they run – and will keep on running. They will run like the Nazi troops ran, their head filled with the images of the horrific things they did to children, they feeling weak at the knees as brave and honest men chase after them in order to take their life! No one wants to die! The Kurds are proving this! Let the whole world pour in the door they kicked open!

Jon Presco

Presdient: Royal Rosamond Press


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    Long live the Kurds!

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