Saying Goodnight to My Daughter

I had a dream, where it occurred to me I never got to tuck my daughter in at night, or, check in on her to make sure she is alright, because, her mother lied, and said a convict was her father. She lied about being a member of Scientology. Liars love Liars. They borrow their skills from one another. This is why Trump got elected. He codified all their lies. He told millions they will be Prosperous Liars – like himself! Open your damn Bible and read WHY God could no longer SEE Adam and Eve. They had something to hide. They wanted to be invisible. They succeeded!

“Where art thou?”

This is the title of my religious book, that I can’t finish without concluding God is saying women are not culpable. If you catch them in a lie – there is hell to pay! When I caught Patrice in a lie, she disappeared my daughter – after depicting me as a violent monster! Here is an account of how Patrice and her wicked sister lied about her childhood abuse in order to get me to take a blood test.

Every time I see Kim Hafner in the Stairwell to Hell, she grabs her little dog and clutches it to the protective bosom of the sinless mother. She wants me to OWN the idea that I will kill the Little Puppy, if given a chance. I knew when I caught her lying about reading my sister’s biography, and harming this book, there would be hell to pay, eventually.

Sue Hafner is a Religious Addict who can do no wrong. Her daughter – can do no right! Sue heaps Gobs of Shame on Kim – for her own good. I am being used as a Release Valve on their holy pressure pot. Kim suffers from deep depression due to being obese. She can not be alone while the truth begins to sink in. Her mother fucked her up – but good! It can’t be her mother! There have been other outside scapegoats and boogeymen – who want to kill her innocent dog – just because it is completely INNOCENT! Men are like that. God-Jesus saves little puppies from evil men.

Millions of evangelical women voted for Trump, a GUILTY abuser of women! Why? I get to LOOK for an answer, because the SAFETY of our nation and world depends upon it. I just saw a news guy on Fox going after Sarah Sander’s lies. She is a evangelical. Her father was a minister. Google ‘shame-based people’. They are constantly on the defense.

“Men who want to kill puppies – always tell lies about their neighbors!”

The truth is, this ugly blob lifted her two hundred pound ass-cheeks off her bench, walked fifteen feet, and kicked Clark the cat – where his balls used to be! He didn’t see IT coming, the ugliest human being I ever encountered – inside and out!

Here is a Rapture forum that claims Sarah’s wisdom comes from the Lord – ONLY! No wisdom comes to any evangelical from any other source, thus it is Divine Wisdom. My wisdom must come from Satan? Kim will not even hand me that. I can have no wisdom, because I am seriously deranged. I got holes in my head, while, she allows Jesus to do all her thinking for her. Kim owns perfect and unflawed wisdom because it is Jesus’ wisdom. It was Jesus that fattened up Hafner – for a divine reason! He is using her fat to go after the Devil Dog Killing Man!

Sarah keeps suggesting Democrats are not blessed with the Wisdom of the Lord, thus, it is not real wisdom. It is the Deceiving, Distorted, and Demonic use of God’s Perfect Words. Sarah and her boss love demonizing all Democrats, who for some reason have no innate love of little puppies. Have you noticed? What does this mean? God, is on the side of Puppy Lovers – only!

I Love the Lord

I believe the Lord put her right where she is and is using her. Her wisdom and strength come only from the Lord.

As a theologian, I know the real evil game being played. The ‘I love the Lord’ person, has performed a Holy Checkmate, and won the discussion, that proves he loves the Lord more than anyone. He let’s his Holy Chips ride on Sarah’s Source. There can be no DOUBT all her wisdom comes from the Lord. Anyone who doubts this – is not for the Lord.

When Sarah is proven a Weak Stupid Liar, the True Believers are in crisis. All you can really do – is deny that she got caught red-handed. Reality is denied. Truth no longer exists. If God is THE TRUTH, and we are made in HIS image, then we are one with the Truth. When we hide the truth, and install lies, then we are no longer in HIS IMAGE. We are invisible. God will become invisible – too! Does Saint Sarah give a rat’s ass if the Lord becomes INVISIBLE? Or, does she only care about saving face?

The truth is, Kim bonded with a dangerous armed Mexican drug dealer who she got deported in order to keep him away from her daughter – who he did not care to see! Did he kill a puppy? Did he threaten to kill a puppy? Not able to accept the truth, a Scapegoat is chosen. I was a convenient target. Magan Hafner was part of the lynch mob. Hurting a total stronger, made the pain go away. Anything but the truth, which is……..

Kim Hafner forsake her parents and their church when she bonded with everything they hate, a wetback criminal! She even had his baby! People are talking behind their back.

I will never be forgiven. I am unworthy of the Lord’s mercy.

Magan’s father is just the kind of guy no one wants as a neighbor. When I became distant over the book, Kim wondered if I was informing our neighbors of the BAD MEXICAN MAN she lay down with. She had to go on the offence, and get something on me so she can depict me as the BAD MAN – who can’t be believed! I already told her about Valkyrie’s fake abuse report. She used that, and used my daughter to back her up. I doubt Valkyrie and Heather communicated with her. Magan thinks her father is an “asshole” who treated her mother badly. I never treated Kim badly. Do you see their Guilt&Shame pattern?

Kim’s CHOICE of people to bond with, or, employ as an ally, are very topical right now. Most people don’t want a single male illegal alien living next to them, or a homeless person. The Kimite Mob said I don’t deserve to live, FREE, and need to be locked up. I am sure Sue Hafner wanted Kim’s Mexican lover locked up the minute she lay eyes on him. Did Sue warn her rebellious daughter that he was……..BAD NEWS? Did she listen? Why should I PAY for the Hafner’s sins?

Too many women will use the new man in their life like a toilet so they can flush down the dark sins of the old man – and at the same time suck the light out of innocent new man! Kim got our neighbors to go along with this EVIL TRANSFERENCE. That Illegal Mexican, with the Dark Criminal Aura, was probably the last man Kim had sex with. She has been stuck with his Black Sin-Goo for all these years. She and her family put Their Evil History in me, and took my light. I was ostracized and made out to be a pariah. Kim found relief. She was free of HER GREAT BIG SIN, for the time being. She is not culpable!

She and her family were innocent, until Kim gave The Devil the come-on. You can see in that video how Kim depicts me as the Great Trickster and Deceiver, going after our innocent neighbors. This is what her Dark Mexican Devil would do. She will protect them! Too bad she didn’t keep her legs closed so long ago. Closed legs do a good border make!

Last, but not least…………Didn’t Jesus die for Kim’s Sins? Why didn’t he take away her BIG LOAD of Sin-goo years ago? She’s the REBORN Christian! If you don’t know how to work God’s Laws, correctly – LEARN! How many crimes did Kim’s Kriminal commit, that Kim went along with, in hope he would accept the child he sired, and help pay the cost?

What is becoming perfectly clear, is, these self-appointed Evangelical Leaders would do anything to get votes and in power. But, they don’t know what the fuck they are doing, or how to control THEIR out of control ‘Pussy Grabber’. Dark Trump never hurt a puppy, just a lot of pussy!

I rest my case!

I am beginning to understand why I am made the Scapegoat, and demonized. In the 60s many took LSD so they can see God, or, be one with the Beautiful People. When that didn’t happen, they looked for someone to blame. I began this blog in order to preserve some of our ideals, thus, I became the Bullseye. Of course there is jealousy. Of these friends, I am the only one that sired a child.

Peter Shapiro, Michael Harkins, Keith Purvis, and Tim O’Connor.


In the Bible, a scapegoat is an animal which is ritually burdened with the sins of others, then driven away. The concept first appears in Leviticus, in which a goat is designated to be cast into the desert to carry away the sins of the community.

President Donald Trump’s press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, found herself in the hot seat on Sunday when Fox News’ Chris Wallace confronted her over misstatements she was making about the threat of terrorism posed to Americans by undocumented immigrants at the southern border.

After playing a clip in which Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen claimed that thousands of so-called “special interest aliens” had been stopped at the border between the United States and Mexico, Wallace on “Fox News Sunday” pointed out that Nielsen’s assertion did not justify the building of a border wall in quite the way that her speech seemed to imply.

“But special interest aliens are just people who have come from countries that have ever produced a terrorist, they’re not terrorists themselves, and the State Department says that there is quote, their words, ‘no credible evidence of any terrorist coming across the border from Mexico,'” Wallace told Sanders.

Sanders protested this without exactly disputing it, claiming that “we know that roughly, nearly 4,000 known or suspected terrorists come into our country illegally. And we know that our most vulnerable point of entry is at our southern border.”

“Wait, I know this statistic,” Wallace replied. “I didn’t know if you were going to use it, but I studied up on this. Do you know where those 4,000 people come, where they’re captured? Airports! Airports! The State Department says there hasn’t been any terrorists that they found coming across the southern border from Mexico.”

Sanders, unable to dispute that Wallace was correct, attempted to spin the story.

“I’m not disagreeing with you that they’re coming through airports,” Sanders replied. “I’m saying that they come by air by land and by sea, and the more and more that our border becomes vulnerable and the less and less that we spend time and money protecting it the more that we’re going to have an influx, not just of terrorists, but of human traffickers and drug inflow.”

Despite correcting Sanders about her mistake, Wallace did get famously caught in an immigration-related statistical error of his own. During an appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” in November, Wallace denounced the so-called “catch and release” program by saying, “They are put out into the country, we don’t have enough places to put them, so we do have a catch-and-release program, and about 10 percent of the people that are caught and released return for their hearings. And only about 10 percent get legitimate asylum.”

Colbert responded by saying, “Those aren’t the facts I’ve seen. We’ve got a long interview. By the time this is over we’ll know whether you’re right, okay? If a majority show up for their hearing, how wrong would you be?”

Scientology For Dark Daughter

Christians think Scientologists are devils. My daughter and her mother were Scientologists when I first saw them. Heather had no interest in meeting me, but, was interested in going to the gallery opening I was not invited to. At 16 she wanted to be a famous singer. She has one more fan in her career that ended when she got pregnant. Kim Hafner is the honorary family member. Good riddance to all the ignorant and un-gifted bloodsuckers!

Christine listened to me, and called me her teacher. She became a famous artist and millionaire.

I tried to tell Heather she was my daughter and was a INSIDER. She could only see the perspective of her mother, aunt, and uncle, who projected their rejection on to her. They hinted she would be disloyal to them. They suggested I might reject her. She was hostile towards me – before we met.

Kim took delight in The Great Shun, the orgasmic crescendo of the Great Gossip. This is much better than sex. Kim has not had sex with a man in a very long time. Handing her my sister’s book, was her last big thrill. She will not have another one like it. She had me in her clutches. She went after my daughter. Kim Hafner wanted to make sure I never forgot her – and my family. She hated me because I made her feel like a worthless nobody. That’s how she felt. So, she severely bent the pages, and defiled my sister’s memory. Kim Hafner – is mentally deranged.


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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