The War Against Women

The Allied Knights of America and Kurdistan
Posted on October 12, 2014
by Royal Rosamond Press

After a lengthy exchange on Facebook with The Masked Rose of Paris about forming an Alliance in order to destroy ISIS, I went to bed and had a dream. In this dream my old friend Keith appeared as a young man. We have not heard from him in six years. He was living in Thailand and told Chris he was going into Cambodia. I suspect he ran into a armed group and was killed. We, and our friends, were/are peace loving hippies. There is a time and purpose for everything under heaven.
In this dream Keith told me he had become an artist like myself. I was amazed when he began to draw a large mural on the wall. In the foreground he rendered all our beautiful friends we shared when we were young. Then, he began to violently draw these clouds in the background. I gasped, it was a nuclear cloud. Keith had sent me a warning from a place I have been. He was telling me ISIS will get hold of a Atomic Bomb if not stopped.
Last night I told The Rose that Baghdad will fall before Kobane, in five days. I saw the terror in their eyes, and read the body-language of Iraqi military men who did not want ISIS to see on the news they had weapons in their hand, lest they lose their head. Panic will overcome this ancient city especially when they see US helicopters evacuating our citizens. They should do this now, but, that will raise the fear level. Consider Vietnam and Iran taking U.S. hostages. We must assume Iraq has WMD that they have hidden. These weapons must not fall into the hands of ISIS.
Over a month ago after I saw ISIS on the news slaughtering innocent people in the belief they will go to heaven, I went to a place they claim they will go, and cut them off. I have seen heaven, and I beheld God. The message I bring, is, that God/Allah hates ISIS, and wants them destroyed. A week later I painted the Alliance flag, and summoned God/Allah’s Warriors, and men and women who only believe in Peace and Freedom, to come to Rose Mountain, for we have to fight this darkness that is overcoming the world, that takes no prisoners, has no embassadors, and begs you be one with a evil murderous machine.

Rosamond Press

koba3koba4koba5koba6For three hours last night, I and the Rose of Paris brain-stormed on Facebook looking for a way to save the Women Fighters of Kobane.  I did my best to keep her focused because the Rose is more radical than I. I have met my match. She is all over the place, taking on this one, and that one. She wants to destroy the rulers of Turkey and establish a Kurdistan within the borders of the old Ottoman Empire after it collapsed.

The Rose is a Israeli citizen who lives in Paris. She is an authority on Turkish History. She is hawkish. She wants to borrow President Obama’s army so she can carve out her dream shared by many Kurds, and, the PKK, that is now being bombed by President Erdogan who refuses to bomb ISIS who are doing their damnedest to kill the women fighters of the PKK, the only…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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