The War Against Women

koba3 koba4 koba5 koba6For three hours last night, I and the Rose of Paris brain-stormed on Facebook looking for a way to save the Women Fighters of Kobane.  I did my best to keep her focused because the Rose is more radical than I. I have met my match. She is all over the place, taking on this one, and that one. She wants to destroy the rulers of Turkey and establish a Kurdistan within the borders of the old Ottoman Empire after it collapsed.

The Rose is a Israeli citizen who lives in Paris. She is an authority on Turkish History. She is hawkish. She wants to borrow President Obama’s army so she can carve out her dream shared by many Kurds, and, the PKK, that is now being bombed by President Erdogan who refuses to bomb ISIS who are doing their damnedest to kill the women fighters of the PKK, the only fighters who have not run away from these murderous warriors for Dark Allah. This of course is beyond madness.

Last night I suggested the Masked Rose of Paris try to get on Fox News in order to make her case, and, perhaps force President Obama’s hand. I used the term KISS, and for five minutes, she got it, but then she was out the door charging the Red Coats for recognizing Palastine as a sovereign nation.  The Rose has them by the scruff of the neck, and cast them into big ball of red yarn that I title ‘The Gordian Knot of the Masked Rose’.  From this knot, no one can escape. It has taken The Warriors of Dark Allah hostage in Kobane. Those who own the ears to hear, listen to their desperate prayers, their desire to go home, to their mothers, those kind women who would never dream of picking up a AK-47 and shooting their ass!

I told the Rose of Paris I was going away for a little while so I can drop acid again after forty seven years. I wanted to think outside the box again, something we hippies were good at. When I awoke, I had the answer. My Messenger told me this while I slept.

“Its a war against women!”

ISIS is ‘The Fear’ that has dwelt between all the factions and sects. This fear has taken the initiative and now has form. Fear takes no prisoners, and makes all men tremble. However it has met its match. The women of the Levant have been subjected to this fear around the clock, it coming from their husbands and the Mullah’s at the mosque who tell them what to do, and punish them if they do not obey! Only the women of the PKK have stood up, with a AK-47 in their hand, and said;

“Fuck off!”

For saying this, they are being bombed by Erdogan ‘The Terrible’ who according to the Vice President of the United States of America, has been funding and arming ISIS, who are acting like his ally in his desire to se these women wiped off the face of the earth.

ISIS is the proof that the male pedagogy has had its day. The boundaries men have established, can not be sustained. Diplomacy, is dead! If I were the women of the Levant, I would refuse to have sex with ISIS members. And if you are a young girl who has been taken as their sex slave, when you born their child, put it out in the wilderness to die!

This is WAR…………between Beauty, and ‘The Beast!

Jon the Nazarite

Paris:  France’s president on Tuesday urged Turkey to open its border to allow reinforcements to reach the besieged city of Kobane and called for more help to those fighting the advance of the Islamic State group.

Francois Hollande stressed that “all countries concerned”, including those not in the coalition fighting the Islamic State group, should provide weapons to those battling the jihadists.

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“I think about what is happening today in Kobane, a martyred town, a symbolic town. If we have to intervene, as we decided for France in Iraq, we also have to give the moderate Syrian oppositionm all the support, all the help necessary,” he said.

“I am launching an appeal here, beyond the coalition, to all countries concerned to give this opposition the support they expect from us, the means they need to fight against terrorism,” Mr Hollande said.

“Kobane could at any moment fall into the hands of the terrorists,” Mr Hollande said. “Turkey must absolutely open its border” to help the Syrian Kurds defending the town which is under attack from Islamic State jihadists.

Kurdish groups have called on Turkey to allow its territory to be used for passing weapons to fighters defending Kobane.

But Turkey is reluctant to arm Kurds and intervene militarily against the jihadists fearing that military action around Kobane could bolster Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and strengthen Kurdish militants linked to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party PKK.

Her name is Mayssa Abdo and she has set social media abuzz for her role defending the Syrian border town of Kobane against  invading Islamic fighters.

As is the custom for Kurdish fighters, Mayssa, 40, uses a pseudonym.

She is commanding the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Kobane along with Mahmud Barkhodan, according to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights head Rami Abdel Rahman.

The  YPG  group has been defending Kobane, on the border with Turkey, since Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) fighters launched an assault on Sept 16.

“Those who know her say she is cultivated, intelligent and phlegmatic,”  Kurdish activist Mustefa Ebdi told Agence France-Presse.

“She cares for the mental state of the fighters and takes an interest in their problems,” he said.

Women traditionally form a major part of Kurdish fighting forces, and they are well represented among Kurdish forces in neighbouring Turkey and Iraq.

On Oct 5, young Kurdish woman fighter Dilar Gencxemis, identified by the YPG by the nom-de-guerre of Arin Mirkan, blew herself up outside Kobane in an attack which reportedly killed dozens of ISIS militants.

– See more at:

Turkish fighter jets have bombarded positions of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) following militant attacks on military outposts in southeastern Turkey, in a first since the start of the peace process.

The Turkish General Staff ordered the bombing of the PKK’s positions in the Dağlıca district the southeastern Hakkari province late Oct. 13, Hürriyet has learned. The bombarded targets had reportedly been involved in “assassination, armed incidents and attacks on security bases” after last week’s nationwide protests.

Many provinces in Turkey’s east, as well as the largest cities of the country, saw violent protests against the government’s policies over the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s (ISIL) advance on the Syrian border town of Kobane. Some 37 people were killed and hundreds were injured in the demonstrations.

The Dağlıca military guard post had been attacked with rocket-propelled grenades by the PKK for three days, and the Turkish military airstrikes came after the last attack that took place on Oct. 13. F-16 and F-4 jets flying from Malatya and Diyarbakır bombarded PKK positions in the Dağlıca district.

The airstrike is the first broad operation against the PKK since the government initiated the peace process with Turkey’s Kurds in 2013.

Beirut: A Kurdish woman fighter is leading the battle against Islamic State jihadists in the Syrian battleground town of Kobane, a monitoring group and activists say.

“Mayssa Abdo, known by the nom de guerre of Narin Afrin, is commanding the YPG in Kobane along with Mahmud Barkhodan,” Syrian Observatory for Human Rights head Rami Abdel Rahman said.

The secular and left-leaning Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) group has been defending Kobane, on the border with Turkey, since Islamic State fighters launched an assault on September 16.

The group, the de facto army of the Kurdish regions of north and north-east Syria, is the armed wing of the powerful Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD).


As is the custom for Kurdish fighters, Mayssa Abdo, 40, uses a pseudonym, with her name coming from her home region Afrin, located, like Kobane, in Aleppo province.

“Those who know her say she is cultivated, intelligent and phlegmatic,” Mustefa Ebdi, a Kurdish activist from Kobane, said.

“She cares for the mental state of the fighters and takes interest in their problems,” he said.

Women traditionally form a major part of Kurdish fighting forces, and they are well represented among Kurdish forces in neighbouring Turkey and Iraq.

On October 5, a young Kurdish woman fighter, Dilar Gencxemis, identified by the YPG by the nom de guerre of Arin Mirkan, blew herself up outside Kobane in an attack which reportedly killed dozens of IS militants.

She became the first Kurdish woman suicide bomber since the 2011 start of Syria’s conflict.

Since the withdrawal of government forces from Kurdish areas of Syria in mid-2012, the PYD has set up local councils for Kurds to run their own affairs, with women filling 40 per cent of seats.

Read more:

Turkish Land Forces Commander Gen. Hulusi Akar has said Turkey should be ready for any kind of “warfare” due to the increasing turmoil in the Middle East region.

Akar said Turkey’s geostrategic location provides innumerable opportunities yet it also brings risks and threats to the country.

He noted that due to its geostrategic importance, Turkey is in the middle of a “circle of fire,” referring to the deepening crisis in the region.

Turkey is expected to step up its contribution to the US-led coalition efforts against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), in ways ranging from training moderate Syrian opposition to providing base rights to coalition forces. Deploying ground troops is not on the agenda, however, at least for now, and the US still does not support a safe zone inside Syria, according to US officials.

Retired Gen. John Allen, the US special presidential envoy for the global coalition to counter ISIL, and Brett McGurk, Allen’s deputy senior envoy with the rank of ambassador, visited Turkey last week to convince Turkish officials to contribute more to the coalition’s efforts.

Following their trip to Turkey, US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said on Saturday that the US is making “considerable progress” in its negotiations with Turkey over the plan to train and equip moderate Syrian rebels in their fight against ISIL. Hagel also told journalists that the US has asked for base rights from Turkey.

İncirlik Air Base in Turkey’s Adana province is in close proximity to ISIL targets both in Syria and Iraq. Asked if Turkey had agreed to give the US expanded access to İncirlik, Hagel said only that “base rights would be helpful” and that it will be part of the discussions with Turkey in the coming days.

Ankara has pushed for the establishment of a “safe zone” and a no-fly zone inside Syria and highlighted the importance of removing the Bashar al-Assad regime in the country if the coalition wants to defeat extremism in the region. However, US officials are not warm to the idea of establishing either zone, and they stress that even though the al-Assad regime has long lost its legitimacy, the coalition forces’ priority should be to defeat the immediate threat of ISIL.

Turkey is not alone in pushing for a safe zone. France issued a statement past week and announced its support of the idea.

In an interview with the Voice of America (VOA) Afghan service on Saturday, US Secretary of State John Kerry also talked about Turkey’s contribution, in particular, criticism that Turkey has been hesitant to provide assistance to the coalition efforts.

“Turkey is participating, and Turkey will be helping in certain ways. But, it is clear that different parties don’t want Turkey on the ground in Kobani, ranging from Kurds themselves to Iraqis to Syrians and so forth,” he said.

Unnamed US officials have criticized Turkey for its “inaction” against the ongoing fight between Kurdish forces and ISIL in the town of Kobani, which sits within sight of the Turkish border, according to Western media outlets.

Turkey has deployed a number of tanks at the border facing Kobani and shifted 10,000 troops to the Syrian border.


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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    The Allied Knights of America and Kurdistan
    Posted on October 12, 2014
    by Royal Rosamond Press

    After a lengthy exchange on Facebook with The Masked Rose of Paris about forming an Alliance in order to destroy ISIS, I went to bed and had a dream. In this dream my old friend Keith appeared as a young man. We have not heard from him in six years. He was living in Thailand and told Chris he was going into Cambodia. I suspect he ran into a armed group and was killed. We, and our friends, were/are peace loving hippies. There is a time and purpose for everything under heaven.
    In this dream Keith told me he had become an artist like myself. I was amazed when he began to draw a large mural on the wall. In the foreground he rendered all our beautiful friends we shared when we were young. Then, he began to violently draw these clouds in the background. I gasped, it was a nuclear cloud. Keith had sent me a warning from a place I have been. He was telling me ISIS will get hold of a Atomic Bomb if not stopped.
    Last night I told The Rose that Baghdad will fall before Kobane, in five days. I saw the terror in their eyes, and read the body-language of Iraqi military men who did not want ISIS to see on the news they had weapons in their hand, lest they lose their head. Panic will overcome this ancient city especially when they see US helicopters evacuating our citizens. They should do this now, but, that will raise the fear level. Consider Vietnam and Iran taking U.S. hostages. We must assume Iraq has WMD that they have hidden. These weapons must not fall into the hands of ISIS.
    Over a month ago after I saw ISIS on the news slaughtering innocent people in the belief they will go to heaven, I went to a place they claim they will go, and cut them off. I have seen heaven, and I beheld God. The message I bring, is, that God/Allah hates ISIS, and wants them destroyed. A week later I painted the Alliance flag, and summoned God/Allah’s Warriors, and men and women who only believe in Peace and Freedom, to come to Rose Mountain, for we have to fight this darkness that is overcoming the world, that takes no prisoners, has no embassadors, and begs you be one with a evil murderous machine.

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