Rosamund and The Lost Road

There is a lull in the action now that it looks Trump is going to jail. He held us spellbound – like a god of ol. What now? The Trumps might be The Last Barbarian Wave. The power of the Pope and Cardinals, is over. The evangelicals wanted Donald to be the embodiment of King David. One third of America is in the throes of a religious letdown. They can’t produce another Tolkien and Bond movie. Art………….is dead! Women, own power.

The Vineland of Pynchon and Sinclair





bookvThomas Pynchon wrote Vineland in 1990. It takes place in Vineland the last stronghold of the last hippies that are doomed with the election of Ronald Reagan who went after the Evil Red Empire of the Rus (red) who were Vikings.

Mythical Vineland is in Northern California, a composit of Sonoma, Mendocino, and the Russian (Rus) river area where I took Rena Christiansen, a beautiful Norse Goddess who became my Muse, and the Muse of the famous artist, Christine Rosamond. The Rosemond cote of arms depicts a dancing wolf that was found on the banners of several famous Sea-Rovers, including Rollo.

My ex-wife, Mary Ann Tharaldson, is kin to Eric the Red who came to America before the Sinclairs, and named it Vineland. Mary Ann and her husband adopted two boys. One was a Inuit Eskimo from Alaska, and the other was a blonde boy they named Erik. They had a daughter they named Britt.

Rosamond Press

For a month, or less, I have been posting about why my daughter, my grandson, and, my story is being taken from me. Christine’s story was taken from her, and her children. The answer I arrive at, is………..The Story, and The World, is coming to an end.

My offspring will not be carrying on any stories from their father, and grandfather, because, their life is coming to an end, as all life comes to an end. The Never Ending Story, can not be written, because, all writers are Time Travelers in their own writ.

Everyday my tablet chooses news I WOULD BE interested in. I get many items about Danny Boyle and THE END of the James Bond series of movies. Then I get NEWs about J.R. Tolkien. There is a NEW book made up of a dead man’s notes. Tolkien did not write this book. Ian Fleming is not…

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