Zane Kesey Clashes With Homeless

Zane did not like Alley and Tribe taking over Ken Kesey Square. The Kesey family had a famous extended family. Nancy was not happy. I took this pic of her at the dedication of the Kesey mural in Springfield, with Ken Babbs. She can testify how I have treated women with great respect. She paid a visit Barry Zorthian this summer.

Zane was unhappy when he went to visit his father’s monument, and he couldn’t get near if due to the pit bulls belonging to the homeless, which has become a tribal tradition. My friend Tim built a monument to his late father, but, I won’t post it out of respect.

Where did Alley get the money to go and live in France?

Seer Jon

Zane Kesey on Saving Kesey Square

DSC02954 DSC02959

Today, Zane Kesey expressed his unhappiness, his futility he felt about solving the homeless problem in the square named after his father. Many old time friends wanted to take extraordinary actions. I posted my blogs about the threats I received from Alley Valkyrie.

That’s my homeless friend Doug.

There IS a problem with the vagrants, homeless, panhandlers etc. in the square dominating the statue. It may be to late to fix this as the city is in talks to sell it, that would be very sad. Loads of work went into the funding and creating of this statue by dear friends. What I dislike….. Is that lately when I go to spend some time with “dad” it is entrenched with panhandlers and pitbulls…so I walk away and don’t even bother. The statue was meant to be a symbol of Eugene, to visit, get a photo, pay respects and move on…not to be a place to take over. Now is the time for ideas on how to fix it, or it is 100% chance of a high rise here.…/sometimes_a_great_plaza_cleaning_…/


The Zorthian Sisters

Nancy’s Yogurt Saves the World

eugenes4 eugenes5

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