Christine and Rosemary

Twenty minutes ago, I woke from a deep sleep. I had a dream. I was in a large artists loft. I felt my sister and mother were talking about me. All I had to do was go to the top floor where they were, and end this gossiping, these dark rumors. I headed up the staircase, then, woke with a start. They are dead. My chance, our chance, to make amends, was over.

However, I can make a difference. I am alive. I can honor them in this blog.

Then the truth that is so hard to accept, came home. Vicki and Mark Presco did not tell me my mother was dying. I missed saying goodbye by ten hours. Why? How can humans be so cruel, least ones family. Then, the truth was made manifest. My siblings were afraid Rosemary would repeat what she told me weeks after her daughter was dead. Christine, killed herself.

My evil siblings denied me basic human rights and dignity.  They denied Christine and Rosemary a redeeming place in human existence. They then went after my newfound daughter. They wanted me to take my life, too.

In all ennealogies, you have a birth and a death. Mark and Vicki tampered with this truth because they were not born with any gifts. From 1994 to 1097, they lost Christine, Vic, Rosemary, and myself. They also lost Shannon Rosamond, Christine eldest daughter. They then made Stacey Pierrot their surrogate sister – for money!

I have a daughter and a grandson.

Welcome home, my sister and mother! You will always have a rightful place in my heart.

John Presco


Sir Lewis Clifford, Kt. is William Thomas Rosamond’s 13th great uncle’s great grandfather.

William Thomas Rosamond

William Thomas Rosamond

William Thomas Rosamond MP

Gender: Male
Birth: circa 1860
Immediate Family: Son of Samuel Rosamond and Frances C. Morrison
Husband of Ida Rose and Mildred A. Rosamond
Father of Frank Wesley “Royal” Rosamond; <private> Rosamond and <private> Rosamond
Brother of Nonimus Nathaniel Rosamond; Laura Rosamond; Benjamin F. Rosamond; John J. Rosamond and Frances J. Rosamond
DNA Markers:


Added by: Jimmy Dale Rosamond on March 21, 2009
Managed by: Jimmy Dale Rosamond

Samuel Rosamond
his father

show 16 relatives

Benjamin Rosamond
his father

James Rosamond
his father

Sarah Wilson Rosamond
his mother

Thomas Wilson
her father

Jane Lee
his mother

Sir Thomas Lee, 1st Baronet
her father

Elizabeth Ingoldsby
his mother

Mary Bennett
her mother

Sir Thomas Bennet, Lord Mayor of London
her father

Ann Bennet
his mother

Ann Molyns
her mother


Sir Alexander Culpeper, Kt.
her father

Sir John Culpepper, Kt., of Bayhall, Hardreshull & Bedgebury
his father

Margaret Culpeper
his sister

Alexander De Clifford, Esq
her husband

Lewis Clifford
his father

William de Clifford
his father

Sir Lewis Clifford, Kt.
his father

Sir Lewis Clifford, Kt. MP

Gender: Male
Birth: circa 1359
Bobbing, Kent, England, UK
Death: December 05, 1404 (41-49)
Bobbing, Kent, England, UK
Immediate Family: Son of Roger de Clifford, 5th Lord Clifford and Maud de Beauchamp
Husband of Eleanor de la Warre
Father of Lewis De Clifford; Elizabeth Vache; Richard De Clifford; Robert De Clifford and William de Clifford
Brother of Catherine de Greystoke, Baroness Greystoke; Maude Clifford Hilton; Thomas de Clifford, 6th Baron Clifford; Mary de Clifford; Margaret Melton and 4 others; Alice de Clifford; Philippa Clifford; Sir William de Clifford of Berwick-on-Tweed and James Clifford « less
Added by: Richard Robertson on May 28, 2007
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Curated by: Angus Wood-Salomon


This is the Master Profile for Walter de Clifford, 2nd Baron Clifford.

William Thomas Rosamond is connected to Walter de Clifford, 2nd Baron Clifford.

William Thomas Rosamond

How are they related?

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Walter de Clifford, 2nd Baron Clifford
his relative?

Walter de Clifford, 2nd Baron Clifford MP

Gender: Male
Birth: circa 1150
Clifford Castle, Herefordshire, England
Death: January 23, 1221 (67-75)
Clifford Castle, Hay, Herefordshire, England
Place of Burial: Clifford Castle, Herefordshire, England
Immediate Family: Son of Walter FitzRichard de Clifford, 1st Baron Clifford and Margaret de Toëny
Husband of Lady Agnes de Cuni of Cavenby
Father of Sir Walter Clifford, III, Baron Clifford; Sir Roger Clifford, Kt.; Sir Giles de Clifford; Maud de Clifford; Richard de Clifford and 4 others; Simon de Clifford; Basilia de Clifford; Cecilia de Clifford and Sir Hugh Clifford « less
Brother of Henry Clifford; Rosamond de Clifford; Amicia De Clifford; Lucia de Say (de Clifford); Richard de Clifford, Sr., Lord Frampton Severn and 5 others; Roger de Clifford; Simon de Clifford; Hugh de Clifford; William de Clifford and Gilbert de Clifford « less
Added by: Unknown on June 14, 2007
Managed by: Andrew Dean Kemp and 72 others
Jason Scott Wills 

Margaret Culpeper (Colepepper) MP

Gender: Female
Birth: circa 1430
Bayhall, Kent, England
Death: January 19, 1488 (54-62)
Bobbing, Kent, England
Place of Burial: Bobbing, Kent, England
Immediate Family: Daughter of Walter Culpeper and Agnes Culpeper
Wife of Alexander De Clifford, Esq
Mother of Lewis De Clifford
Sister of Sir John Culpepper, Kt., of Bayhall, Hardreshull & Bedgebury; Elizabeth Culpeper; Nicholas Culpeper and Richard Culpepper
Added by: David La Ray DeGraw on December 17, 2008
Managed by: Margaret (C) and 5 others
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