Scientology For Dark Daughter

Million’s of women should be forced to go into therapy after employing The Miracle Child Cure. Women are becoming evil, because they are not culpable. They blame and victimize the nearest available male. Dying seniors are fair game. Our society is dying. Women are to blame.

Rosamond Press

Christians think Scientologists are devils. My daughter and her mother were Scientologists when I first saw them. Heather had no interest in meeting me, but, was interested in going to the gallery opening I was not invited to. At 16 she wanted to be a famous singer. She has one more fan in her career that ended when she got pregnant. Kim Hafner is the honorary family member. Good riddance to all the ignorant and un-gifted bloodsuckers!

Christine listened to me, and called me her teacher. She became a famous artist and millionaire.

I tried to tell Heather she was my daughter and was a INSIDER. She could only see the perspective of her mother, aunt, and uncle, who projected their rejection on to her. They hinted she would be disloyal to them. They suggested I might reject her. She was hostile towards me – before we met.

Kim took…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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