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The lordship of Til-Châtel or Trichatel

The name of the lordship of Til-Châtel has existed under different spellings depending on the period: Tilicastro originally, then Tylicastrum, Tilchastel or Thilchastel, Trichastel or Triechastel, Trichateau or Trechateau or Trichatel, Mont-sur-Tille during the revolutionary period, and finally Til-Châtel since 1860.
Another variant can still be found: Johanz, Lords of Tile Chastial for John of Til – Châtel in a deed dated September 1265 (see below).
“Golden at the clef gules”,
Guy III, Til-Châtel sgr (†1299), LBR 445 (© year)

N.B. The family of Til-Châtel is why I had the greatest difficulty in finding contemporary illustrations because the first known seal dates from 1248 and the last bearer of the name disappeared in 1299.
• History of the lordship of Til-Châtel (Burgundy)
The village, located on the way Agrippa between Langres (Andemantuno) and Chalon (Cabillione)…

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