Taking Away D’Souza’s Religious Base

God bid me to refound Armstrong’s Radio Church. This is the prophecy I told Kim Hafner about. She was talking behind my back with Krista. They were preparing to attack – and throw me off a cliff. https://rosamondpress.com/2018/07/02/why-throw-jesus-off-a-cliff/


I had suggested Niel had torn down KORE so the homeless had nowhere to camp.

As temperatures bordered on freezing, Corteville contacted the city hoping to find a winter home for the homeless.

“There was no place for these folks that don’t have an address to be, and it’s getting colder,” said Niel Laudati, with the Springfield City Manager’s Office. “We feel it every night it was getting colder, so there was a lot of urgency.”

That’s when the Springfield School District contacted the city with an offer; their former administration building.

“This is a way for us to extend to the other adults and community members,” said Brett Yancey, with Springfield School District. “And a building that’s not being used right now can be easily used during these critical months of cold weather.”

Giving us a tour of the building, Yancey explained it still has heat, electricity and running water.




Rosamond Press

God has instructed me to REMOVE the religious soap box that Dinesh D’Souza and his cult followers stand on. I am heir to Herbert Armstrong’s Radio Church. He is a compatriot of Percy Crawford, who founded The King’s College that Dinesh was the president of. The countdown to The Terrible Day of the Lord, begins at high noon, July 2, 2018. The Liars are on the rise – and spilling over the top!

Millions of Republicans claim they are on the side of God, and Jesus is on their side. Yet, they KNOW Denish is a liar, and his films are full of lies. They are prophetic in nature, thus, they are FALSE PROPHESY! The penalty for being a False Prophet – is death! The leader of this Religious Cult promised HARM would come to Democrats who say un-nice things about him. Trump believes he is a Christian Prophet. How…

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