I Had To Be Reborn

I am The End Time Elijah that Armstrong talked about. I have already seen God. I have been to the mountain top. Millions of evangelicals want to die so they will see God. Or. so they say. I say most want to say they are better than others. I asked Kim why God would rapture her and not me. She was gleeful I would not be taken up, but, taken down. And, so it go in The End Times. The least, will be first. The more you disqualify, the more you are disqualified.

Rosamond Press

I died when I was twenty years of age. I died because I was utterly betrayed. There is no getting around this – truth!  I tried! I died and saw God, and He showed me His Kingdom of Truth. He wants me to show His Kingdom – to you!


Rosamunda Bolger & Brandybuck


Fig. 18
Skellig Michael, South Peak. The Needle’s Eye. Its entrance is reached by a short traverse of dry-stone masonry at the
top of a steep rock face. The masonry has deteriorated, bulging and subsiding dangerously.
Photograph by Walter Horn.

It could be said artists are not so much interested in living a meaningful life, but, dying a meaningful death. Our enemies rendered the life of the artist, Christine Rosamond Benton, meaningless, because, they have no death scene. This is because we are a part of The Never Ending Story that is forever writing itself. We get glimpses, now and then. Sometimes we behold the full Monty!

We are The Ancient Sea Wendlings. We learned Alchemy from John Dee, and came to California with…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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