Rougemont Templars of Orange, Baux, and Chalon

Mary Morton Rosemond of Iowa

There is a chance the Rosamonds are kin to Denis de Rougemont and the Knight Templars. Here is Jimmy Rosamond.

Erhart de Rougemont

Gender: Male
Birth: circa 1495
Immediate Family: Husband of Unknown De Rougemont
Father of Hans Rosemond
Added by: Jimmy Dale Rosamond on March 21, 2009
Managed by: Jimmy Dale Rosamond and Marsha Gail Veazey (Kamish)

I am looking for descendants of Philip Rosemond and Moses Morton Rosemond
who lived in Guernsey County, OH in the mid-1800s. This family descended
from a James Rosemond who lived in County Leitrim, Ireland in the early
1700s. Other members of this same family settled in Lanark, Ontario, Canada.
The southern Rosamond family is also said to be descended from this same
family, as are the Rosamond families in Australia and New Zealand. I am
trying to tie all the branches of the family together. The information on
the family in Guernsey County, OH is shown below. I’d appreciate hearing
from anyone who has any information regarding this family.
The reference for the earlier generations of this family is the booklet “The
History of the Rosemond Family” by Leland Eugene Rosemond, 1939.
Descendants of Moses Morton Rosemond
Generation No. 1
was born Bet. 1843 – 1845 in Guernsey County, Ohio5,6. He married MARTHA E
LIKES7,8 26 Jul 1868 in Guernsey County, OH9. She was born Abt. 1847 in

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The Knights Templar of Rougemont lived in castles in the provence of Chalon, where the House of Orange prospered. Jean de Rougemont married Margarita de Castro Sousa who is said to be a negro. The Lords of Baux are said to have descended from Baltazar a black Magi. The de Sousa women have been titled the Black Magi. The Rougemonts were of the House of Chalon. Were they part black? Did they go to the Holy Land to retake it as descendants of The Magi. This lineage brings the House of Orange into the House of Windsor. The Prince and Princess of Orange is a title that belongs to the Children and grandchildren of Princess Diana Spencer who descends from the bastard son of King Charles who was the brother of Mary of Baux-Orange. Is it possible Prince Charles married Diana in order to grasp the title Prince of Orange…

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