Denis de Rougemont Founded European Union

The Evangelical President of the Fake Rapture has run into ideas of Denis de Rougemont, a Founding Father of the European Union, who said; “‘The evil of nationalism does not consist in its loyalty to the traditions of the past or in its vindication of national unity and right of self determination. What is wrong is the identification of this unity with the ultimate and inclusive unity of culture which is a supernatural thing.
The ultimate foundation of our culture is not the national state, but the European unity’.

Rosamond Press

Denis de Rougemont, writer, pictured in Geneva, Switzerland, in the 1970ies. (KEYSTONE/PHOTOPRESS-ARCHIV/Str)
Denis de Rougemont, Schriftsteller, aufgenommen in den 1970er Jahren in Genf. (KEYSTONE/Max Vaterlaus)

Denis de Rougemont was titled ‘The Prince of European Culture’. He was at the first Bilderberg meeting, and is considered a co-founder of the European Union. Frederich the Great granted the Rougemonts of Neufchatel a title of old nobility when he came to this area in Switzerland. Rougemont was the Director of Congress of Cultural Freedom that employed Writers and Artists against the Soviet Block.

Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor may be kin to Denis.

Jon Presco

Rougemont, Denis (de)
8.09.1906, Couvet (Neuchâtel) – 6.12.1985, Geneva
Source Fondation Denis de Rougemont

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