Shooter a Far-right Misogynist

I see these events coming. Vic and Mark Presco should not have been let near a famous woman artist and her legacy!


The man who police say walked into a Tallahassee, Florida, yoga studio and opened fire on Friday evening was a self-identified misogynist who ranted against women and spewed racist beliefs in videos and songs posted online.

Tallahassee police say Scott Beierle, 40, shot six people, killing two of them, and struck another with his gun after posing as a patron of the studio. The women killed were Dr. Nancy Van Vessem, 61, and Maura Binkley, 21.

Some at the studio attempted to stop the shooter as he fired, police say.

Beierle posted several videos to a YouTube channel in 2014 that painted himself as the victim of “treachery” by many of the “females” he has wanted to “court.”
BuzzFeed News was first to report on the shooter’s social media presence Saturday.

“Those who engage in treachery will ultimately be the victims of it,” Beierle said in a video titled “The Rebirth of My Misogynism.”

At other points, he names girls and women he has known since eighth grade,  complaining about their “collective treachery” and saying they can “justify anything if you offend their sensibilities.”

Beierle lamented in a video titled “The Dangers of Diversity” what he viewed as the rise of “foreigners” in the U.S. and praised nations that maintain one “ethnic character.” In a video he dubbed “The American Whore,” Beierle said interracial relationships were “a betrayal of blood,” and that women in them have a mental illness.

It was unclear Saturday evening whether YouTube had suspended the account. Beierle also had a SoundCloud account that is still active. On it, he posted songs with lyrics describing violence against women, with one song, complaining about “the girl I can’t get in the sack,” posted just hours before the shooting.

The gunman took his own life at the yoga studio before police arrived. Police have yet to officially disclose a motive in Friday’s shooting.

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