The Moonshiner Murders

The real deal.

Rosamond Press

Above is a picture of Yates Standridge. He was one bad man. He killed Sam Rosamond’s father, and blew his wife’s arm off with a shotgun. Look at the size of his hands. You don’t want them lethal weapons clamped on your neck like an old greasy vice in a machine shop. He killed a man in jail. He escaped from jail. The Rosamond boys tried to bushwhack him, but shot the wrong man. Some fled to the oil fields of Oklahoma. Did they eventually…..get their man?

It was extremely dangerous to go after this man they called ‘The Wolf’, and you did not want him on your trail. If you saw him coming, you slunk away, hid in any shadow that would have you. He was no joke, no Hee-Haw Clown in some Jesus-Freak Carney Show. He was the real deal, the reason Vernon Rosamond preached to the good…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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