The Rich Must Embrace The Press

Our Democracy is founded on Freedom of the Press. All rich people should sign an oath to respect The Press if they want to do business here.

John Presco

Going to Glenwood of the Mind

Glenwood is the Dream Mecca of the Rich. I am running out of time this morning so I am going to post this, as is. I will post several times on this topic. Dr. Abdullah Al-Joaib of Apex, graduated from OSU, and is a friend of Sid Leiken. Abdullah is seen with a big hotel magnet and his Euro-trash wife wearing a fake animal pelt. Does this foreign creature know Melania? Does our First Lady – hate poor people?

There is a Nation of the Rich that knows no borders. They are buying everything in sight. They will give their spoils to their Exotic Beach Brats – who do not pay their taxes!

“Apex beat out a local firm for the Glenwood job after dazzling Springfield officials with a plan to line a largely secluded stretch of the Willamette with a vibrant mix of residential, retail and commercial uses.”

I met the old hippie that nixed this deal. Is my history, and the history of the Miller Brothers, being oppressed so we little poor people do not have a voice? It is becoming clear Trump and the Republicans want to scrape The Poor People off the map so these Arab Royals will FEEL BETTER about investing THEIR MONEY! What a shame we have a democracy that permits the Powerless People to demonstrate in the streets, and write not so shiny articles about these selfish pigs.

Jon Presco

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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