Homeless Man Murdered In Downtown Eugene

A handsome grey-haired man was murdered in Downtown Eugene. Teenage parasites wanted what he owned. Are they homeless vagabonds? This reporter’s life was threatened by homeless advocates and street scum. Alley Valkyrie told me if I did not do WHAT THEY SAY, they will destroy my life – and this newspaper. She told me if I go downtown, things would go badly for me.

Jamal Khashoggi was murdered by Saudi billionaires because he would not shut up. As a reporter he wrote negative things about oppressive people who have a history of abusing women. Valkyrie accused me of abusing women. One of them was Belle Burch who was going to come over and model for me. I offered her a chance to co-author my autobiography. I wanted a woman’s point of view in regards to my late sister, the world famous artist known as Rosamond. When I found out she concealed facts from me, and, it appeared she abused the trust of homeless people, I canceled the opportunity to see her naked before me as I began her portrait.

My motives were pure. We agreed there would be no sex. All of this, is material for my books, starring Claudine Victoria Rosamond Bond, who graduated from the University of Oregon. These are tales from New Bohemia. Royal Rosamond will cover Ovid Neal’s story. I might write a book about Ovid. I will follow his life to that fateful day he felt safe to walk in downtown Eugene, at night, in a alley.

I talked to two homeless people who knew Alley and the Whoville folks. They said they had a big drug and alcohol problem. This is why they feared my sobriety. There was a mysterious person who wanted to give $200,000 dollars to help the homeless. I suspect this anonymous person was concerned about violent drug addicts.

If Belle had come to my abode to model I was gong to make her another offer. I was going to teach her Rosamond’s style so a living woman can carry on my sister’s legacy that Ira Roberts established. I suspect Ira Cohen set up Dijon with Red Baron to do Rosamond imitations. Both men may be dead. Marilyn has proven I am the architype in the letter she gave me at the art show. Here is the movie – Colette!

This reporter will cover the trial of the murder of Ovid Neal who was homeless. I looked for his facebook. Anyone who has information on Ovid, please contact me. He looks like he had a interesting life. Is he gay? Was he identified as a homosexual by his murderers? If so, the FBI should be called in. He slept near where he was murdered. Did his murderers know he was homeless, and thus had no money?

John Presco 007




Ovid Neal was found unresponsive downtown. He died from his injuries.

Prosecutors filed a document known as a criminal information on Thursday identifying the suspects and providing some detail about what investigators allege happened.

The documents allege Kirkpatrick intentionally caused Neal’s death by physical force while robbing the man. He is charged with Aggravated Murder, Murder and Robbery, according to the document.

The charges against Simmons allege she “did unlawfully aid and abet Jonathan Daniel Kirkpatrick in using physical force upon Ovid Neal” in commission of the robbery and murder. She is charged with Murder and Robbery



Many were convinced, including Colony Capital CEO Tom Barrack, who told CNN at the time that the government was committed to creating an environment that would be “transparent, secure, stable and understandable.”

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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