Making Royal Honey & Oily Jelly

Von Trump bragged about how much money he made with these killers and haters of the free press. “Turkey claims to have evidence that Khashoggi, a US resident and columnist for the Washington Post, was murdered inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul early this month — an accusation the kingdom strenuously denies.

Rosamond Press

There is a shakeup in the Royal Family, that may be a ruse. The Saudi economy is stagnant due to low oil prices. They want to diversify. I suspect they will activate their covert Royal Hives – like the one at the Buck Institute – and begin making more Royal Honey and Sugar – to blow up the ass of the American People – who will flock to purchase their line of goodies. There needs to be an investigation! This is not THE VISION Beryl Buck had. She was sure she left enough millions to the poor folks of Marine County, that they would remember her – FOREVER – the Rich Lady on the hill.

Beryl was a member of the Buck Clan who got wealthy cutting down trees in Oregon, and drilling for oil in California. The Bucks were BIG SHOTS! Now, they are mere servants, gun bearers for…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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