Country Feels Dead

Where is the Joy of Jesus throughout the land, after God-Jesus WON BIG with Brett Kavanaugh? Why does our nation feel DEAD, and deflated? With all these victories, why don’t we see Church bands and choirs in the streets bringing Good Cheer to all Americans? Where’s the National Pay Day? How about free concerts in the park with Christian bands?

This Christian dude think there should be more creative Christian fantasy. How about;

Thank you mighty Jesus

for making the powerful more powerful

and silencing the victims who form mobs

to defame thee and thy national good

Raise up the lonely beer drinkers

muffle the cries of the secular losers

and false accusers

Take more money from the poor

and give to the rich

Hey Jesus

crush that Hillary bitch!


Davis said he was pleased so far with Trump’s leadership but that he remains unsure of Trump’s commitment to the faith. “I really don’t know his relationship to Jesus Christ, but he is not hostile to Christianity like Hillary [Clinton] and [Barack] Obama,” he added.

“He will hold to the Constitution, of course we are happy. It was God’s will,” said another participant who declined to be named. The final vote and the accusations against Kavanaugh were “a test of the faithful,” the participant added.

Others expressed anger at the treatment of Kavanaugh, who was confirmed with the closest Senate vote for a Supreme Court nominee in more than a century.

“It was a liberal media mob,” said radio host Herman Cain, a longtime CNP participant, noting that critics had raised similar allegations about sexual harassment when he ran for the Republican nomination for president. When allegations emerged in 2011 that women had received settlements regarding harassment from Cain during his tenure at the National Restaurant Association, Cain dismissed the reports as a “witch hunt.” He later confirmed the settlements were paid out but denied the nature of the allegations.

Referring to the past controversy, Cain said the media did not want an “articulate black Republican” to win the GOP nomination, so it manufactured a scandal.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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