Put A Hit On Me?

Here is Cheryl Erickson showing up at my door. Tomorrow I will reveal the alarming thing Cheryl said to me – twice!

One of the reasons I call myself a prophet, is, my newspaper posts stories way ahead of the national stories. My posting on the Kimbo Tribe – has come true! Lindsey Graham says all these women accusers coming forth, is highly suspicious. Kavanaugh says it is like the “twilight zone”‘.

There is a double standard. What if I showed up at Kim’s door in my bathing suit screaming for her to call 911? It is allowed to wear just a bathing suit in public. What if I knocked at Kathy’s door wearing pajamas – with feet – and I asked to come in and plan a good time I can come over and give her a big weekly “I forgive you!” hug?

I passed Cheryl on the steps yesterday, and she informed me her bamboo is not dead, and all the warped doors are from a faulty gutter. I suspect one of the Kimbo Tribe is reading this blog and working on THEIR defense.

Above is a pic of me at the crypt of my grandfathers. That is a Tiffany window. I believe it drives the Kimbo Tribe, insane, because I exude good breeding, which is Trump’s defense of his choice. I’m a – real catch! To mind my own business – can get me killed!

Note the blue vase and blue roses. Hmmmm! Apples and roses are the same species. Consider the alabaster jar, and the vase above growing a double helix. Cheryl is seeding me. She was watering me.

John Presco


On 17 January every year, near the statue of St. Anthony the Hermit, from 11.00 A.M., a suggestive and ethereal composition, always invisible, during every other day of the year, appears projected on the wall; those are the famous “blue apples” of the church in Rennes le Château.



At many of the parties she said she saw boys, including Kavanaugh, lined up “waiting for their ‘turn’ with a girl inside a room.”

She is the third woman to publicly accuse Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct.

Kavanaugh quickly denied the allegations in a statement Wednesday, calling them ridiculous. He has also denied the allegations made by his previous accusers.

“This is ridiculous and from the Twilight Zone. I don’t know who this is and this never happened,” he said.

Graham, who sits on the Judiciary Committee, questioned the validity of Swetnick’s claims.

“I have a difficult time believing any person would continue to go to — according to the affidavit — ten parties over a two-year period where women were routinely gang raped and not report it,” he said.

“I also find it curious these charges were not brought forward until 2018, two days before a confirmation vote,” Graham said.

Graham asked why any reasonable person would continue to put themselves in danger by continuing to visit those parties.

“This is outrageous, internally inconsistent, and I hope the U.S. Senate will see this for the smear campaign that it is,” he said.

The Judiciary Committee is expected to hold a hearing Thursday during which the committee will hear from and question both Kavanaugh and his first public accuser, Christine Blasey Ford.


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