Victoria Rosamond Bond

Almost everything is born. Novels are born. However, poems……..are found. Music is made. Roses, have thorns.

John Presco 007

Rosamond Rosamund of the Isle of Wight

The Poet Swineburne lived on the Isle of Wight where he may have conceived his poem and play about two women named Rosamond. I went looking for Rena in hope she would help me complete her portrait I started, I deciding she would be my version of Fair Rosamond. Last month I made plans to go to Montana to visit the rosy graves of my kindred.

Jon Presco



A half hour ago I talked to Deborah Cryder at the Forestvale Cemetary. She is going to send me information on Ida Rose who died when she was 28 years of age of dropsy. Twenty days later, Ida’s daughter, Dollie Rosamond, dies. She is less then one year old. Royal Rosamond lost his mother and baby sister in one fail swoop. He must have been traumatized. Then, his father gets remarried to a Mildred, who may not have wanted Frank around, and he is “bound” out to his uncle, James Taylor, who married Ida’s sister, Laura Rosamond. Frank will call William Scott Spaulding his father. Did William adopt Frank? If so, when? I believe there is a typo, in regards to the Reese name. John Wesley Rose buried here. Is this where Frank got his middle name? This would make three generations of the Rose Family buried in Montana.

Edward Haney Rose is the grandfather of Ida Rose, and father of John Wesley Rose.

To be born by a mother born Rosemary Rosamond, who named me John, not knowing her great grandfather was named John Rose, is a genealogical wonder. I will be recording my findings with the Rose Family Association.

Oxford he met nearly everyone who would influence his later life, including Rossetti, Morris, and Burne-Jones, who in 1857 were painting their Arthurian murals on the walls of the Oxford Union, and Benjamin Jowett, the master of Balliol College, who recognized his poetic talent and tried to keep him from being expelled when he began celebrating Orsini, the Italian patriot who attempted to assassinate Napoleon III in 1858. Leaving Oxford in 1860, he became very friendly with the Rossettis. After Elizabeth Siddall‘s (Mrs. Rossetti)’s death in 1862, he and Rossetti moved to Tudor House, 16 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea.

I that have roses in my name, and make
All flowers glad to set their color by;
I that have held a land between twin lips


And turn’d large England to a little kiss;

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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