Just Heard From Larry

Larry was married to Christine Rosamond. They had a daughter, Shannon Rosamond, who was named in Christine’s Will as the ADULT HEIR. My niece, Drew Benton, was eight when her mother drowned. Christine left Garth Benton a dollar. Outsiders, backed by Vicki Presco, went after my niece, Shannon. They labeled her and her mother -INSANE!

Christine wanted Shannon to be in control of the Rosamond Legacy. Garth had her arrested – with Vicki’s help. After Kim Hafner informed me she and my daughter are defaming me, conspiring together to destroy my reputation, I am forced to bring a lawsuit against Robert Brevoort Buck, whose law firm all but destroyed Christine and my family.

Just because you suffer from mental illness, does not give outsiders the right to abuse you and take from you – all you got. This is the theme of my biography ‘Capturing Beauty’. Kim Hafner is a prime example of how gifted people with mental illness, are mentally tortured to the point they give up their rights. Kim and her gang are shocked – I fought back. Hafner is the PROOF the estate plan hatched by attorney Sydney Morris, was made in hell. Kim is the PROOF in the pudding of what happens when outsiders are given control of family information. Heather never met Christine, or my parents, who I was not informed – had died! Mark Presco, who told me he considered becoming a pedophile, had thrown me out of his family after I refused to sign Snyder’s NDA. I should have had Kim sign one.

Here is the Tub of Lard I will hang around Buck and Morris’s neck! This is the summation of their destructive legal work. If Christine were alive, she would go up to Kim, and spit on her -more than once! My sister wanted me to clear her good name.

John Presco

Copyright 2018

Hey brutha
I FINALLY got a home!!…been stayin with horsey for a spell….anywaze I’m jus moving in …. an tryin to stay alive
Hope all is well wit’cha and you forgive me for not replying as fast as I’d like to
Thank you for the pictures and stories….
I’m jus tryin to put my life back on trac…..
That battle with the  lawyers was a stoopid move….
I shoulda known….
But you kno me…I alwaze choose the ‘OR ELSE’…option…. an I kno ya can’t win…or lose….’em all….I jus never seem to find the ezy way…
But it wasn’t boring…. I’ve lost 40lbs
since my birthday … aN feel a LOT better…..
anywaze I’m baaack!…
AN got a 🐎 horse!
Peace brutha

The Vicious United Victim Union



scan0044After investigating how Christine died, I came to call my alleged father ‘Captain Victim’ because he was the biggest VIC-tim of them all. VIC-I came in second. Stacey and the Female Gallery Gargoyles came in third. My daughter and her mother were in a league of their own.

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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