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How many gates do you see in this photograph? These are Time Portals that take you to the Salon at the End of the World. The key that unlocks all these invisible doors is found in Wikipedia’s article on Jack London, Howard’s and my idol. He was also the idol of my late father, who raised his two sons after Wolf Larsen. No one has dwelt in Wolf House – until now!

John Presco 007

The Wolf House

Jack London wrote so many books about wolves and dogs that his friend George Sterling gave him the nickname ‘The Wolf’. So when Jack started to build his dream house in 1911, it was only fitting that people would call it the ‘Wolf House’.

Jack and Charmian never got to live in their home because one hot summer night in August 1913, spontaneous combustion started a fire in the house. Nobody was living near the house so the fire was quite advanced before anyone became aware of it. The Londons were sleeping in the Cottage about a half mile away and were awakened by a farm worker who saw the red glow in the sky. They got on their horses and rode to their beloved dream house. By the time they got there, the house was completely engulfed in flames and beyond saving. Although Jack vowed to rebuild the house, he did not live long enough to rebuild. Today, we have a beautiful ruin.

‘All I wanted was a quiet place in the country to write and loaf in, and get out of nature that something which we all need, only the most of us don’t know it.  This is to be no summer-residence proposition, but a home all the year round.  I am anchoring good and solid, and anchoring for keeps.’  ~Jack London 1913

While living at his rented villa on Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA., London met poet George Sterling; in time they became best friends. In 1902, Sterling helped London find a home closer to his own in nearby Piedmont. In his letters London addressed Sterling as “Greek”, owing to Sterling’s aquiline nose and classical profile, and he signed them as “Wolf”. London was later to depict Sterling as Russ Brissenden in his autobiographical novel Martin Eden (1910) and as Mark Hall in The Valley of the Moon (1913).[citation needed]

Now that his career in fiction had begun, Howard dropped out of Howard Payne College at the end of the semester and returned to Cross Plains. Shortly afterwards, he received notice that another story, “The Hyena,” had been accepted by Weird Tales.[44] During the same period, Howard made his first attempt to write a novel, a loosely autobiographical book modeled on Jack London‘s Martin Eden and titled Post Oaks & Sand Roughs. The book was otherwise of middling quality and was never published in the author’s lifetime but it is of interest to Howard scholars for the personal information it contains. Howard’s alter ego in this novel is Steve Costigan, a name he would use more than once in the future. The novel was finished in 1928 but not published until long after his death.[45]

Post Oaks & Sand Roughs is a semi-autobiographical adventure novel by Robert E. Howard. It was first published in 1989 in France by NéO (Nouvelles Editions Oswald) under the title of “Le Rebelle”, since 1990 by Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc. in an edition of 850 copies. The book contains an introduction and appendix by Glenn Lord where Lord identifies the real people who appear as thinly disguised characters in the novel.

Tyler Hunt of Wolfen House

No modern twenty-three year old California Woman is going to start an e-mail with “Dear Daddy”.  Heather had trouble picking up the phone for me, she was so busy (or so she says) but, here she is, a non-writer and reader, composing a grammatically correct e-mail in response to MY DESIRE to have my grandson baptized at the Carmelite monastery located fifteen miles from where – my family – lived!

Patrice and I were once engaged until she picked a fight with me at Jack London’s ‘Wolf House’ which is very ironic, because my Rosamond/Rosemont ancestors are associated with The Wolf. I had read a plaque whereon is described how London’s wife fought outsiders to keep her husband’s legacy intact, and in the right hands.

“This is what is happening to us! This is why it is so profound that you and Heather came into my life. I have an Heir!”

What upset Patrice, were the words “I have”.  All of a sudden her face turned angry and grey!

“Are you saying Heather gets all her talent from you, just – YOU!”

I was in shock. I had just explained I was Christine’s mentor, who gave me credit for her Fame&Fortune! This is what ‘The Outsiders’ were after. They were not after Dear Mommy&Daughter – as far as I knew! I did not know I was put – and kept – in the dark!

“Well!” I said, ignoring the suggestion from my divine intuition – to be quiet! “If you understand genetics, then you know creative gifts tend to be passed down in the family.  Are any of the Hanson’s famous artists?

The look I got told me I had blundered into the Valley of The tyranny of Women and Mothers, because all women want to give birth to Divine and Gifted Children in order to prove – they are superior to everyone – especially the father. Oops!

This question really pissed me off, for, this Witch did not allow me to help raise our daughter, which is the other source of Creative Gifts. Instead she put my genetic material in the arms of a Thug, a Ex-Convict, who could play the harmonica. Does Patrice believe some of Randall’s musical gifts rubbed off on HER daughter? Was she – generous towards her Lover Boy, the Great Imposter?

What ‘Capturing Beauty’ is about, is, how folks give themselves the permission to take what does not belong to them, what they are not worthy – to own! What STORY did Patrice come up with in order to feel justified in STEALING A MAN’S BABY? The world of fairytale and Folklore – is full of explanations! So, in my suggestion, I cleverly planted a Fairy Seed, so when Tyler Hunt comes of age, he will own the legacy his illustrious ancestors – meant for him! Tyler will unite our families!

The Story of Rosamond

by Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

Once upon a time the Silk Weavers of Rougemont went on Crusade. They beheld brave knights heading to the Holy Land with a cross on their tunic, a Coat of Arms designed with Jesus in mind. He was their Lord, and the Lord of the Land where they go to shed their blood. An artist, known for his lace design, step forth;

A Real Bohemian Family of SF

boh2 boh3boh10 boh11

Summoning The Muse of Sir Sterling London Joaquin Lord de Rosemond





renap0003During the Summer of Love, and the renewal of Bohemian activity in the Bat Area on a grand scale, only I seemed to be aware of Sterling, London, and Joaquin ‘The Trail Blazers’ who had gone before us into the wilderness, and carved out Bohemian Sanctuaries, groves, wherein we worshipped the Queen of Druids – our Grand Bohemian Muse!

“Hail Brother Bohemians – Lovers of the Grand Beloved Muse!”

With the return of the Muse that Bill and I followed, and who rendered my late sister a world famous artist, can the re-capture of the Creative Spirit that has fallen into hands of the Un-Creative of the World – commence!

In discovering that my great grandfather, Carl Janke, was the first to build a Bohemian Community and Retreat in Belmont California – that he co-founded – put my family history next door to the Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio.

Five years ago after learning Rena Easton was married to a Commodore, and lived in the Isle of Wight, I had fantasies of what happened after we met. After my friend Bryan drops us off in Oakland – after he tried to kidnap Rena on Pismo Beach – I drive her down to the Oakland Estuary where my seventy foot yacht is moored. WE are now all alone down in the industrial train yards. There is not a soul around. I take her hand and guide her aboard. We go down below where I perform a superb removal of her apprehension. Why shouldn’t she be leery of this dark sailor man, this Hermit of the Sea.

Above is a photo of my small sailboat that I lived on. I was a tad ashamed to show it, until Rena told me in her letter about her small dwelling.

When Rosemary was showing us the family photos, her children perked up when we beheld these antique people having a picnic in the Oakland Redwoods where we used to have picnics.

“Who are these people, mother?”
“Those are your father’s people, the Bohunks.”
“Bohunks!” We exclaimed. “What’s a Bohunk?”
“Bohunks are Bohemians.” our mother answered with some concern.

What harm could it do these innocent children to know they have Bohunk blood in their veins? As long as they never learn my father was a Hillbilly, smitten by a Redneck Muse that he named ‘Ravola of Thunder Mountain’.

I am a very Lucky Man!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014

There were old growth redwood trees near Belmont and Redwood city that were harvested. Carl Janke built his theme park on Belmont Creek a watershed that came down from the hills. This was an ideal habitation for giant redwoods that could be seen by sailors on the bay. It must have been an incredible and beautiful sight that would have appealed to a German who traitinally love the forests.

“In the hundred years since the Huddart Park area was logged, a new forest of redwoods and other trees have grown, covering much of the evidence of this early logging activity. However, still visible are large stumps of the virgin redwoods and “skid roads” over with the teams of oxen dragged logs to the sawmills.

If Janke brought his six portable houses around the Cape on a Clipper in 1848, instead of 1849 as some say, then Carl did not do so to sell them to gold miners who struck it rich, but to create a utopian city and haven for people all over the world who would come to behold these giant redwoods. Were the founders of Bohemian Grove inspired by Janke’s Turnverien free-thinker dream? Jack London, George Sterling, and Joaquin Miller, were members of the Bohemian Grove. Miller knew the Stuttmeisters who had a farm down the hill from ‘The Heights’ where artists and poets met. Miller wrote ‘City Beautiful’ . Above are photos of the Stuttmeisters and Brodericks having a picnic in the redwoods. Miller planted trees all over the Oakland Hills. The Stuttmeisters built forty home in Fruit Vale on streets they named after trees. Here are your Hobbits, your Gandalf’s, your Magical Men that made California a Mecca for those who use their mind, believe thinking is the best way to travel.

Dr. William O. Stuttmesiter is the gentleman with white hair and dark mustache. He played violen for the Oakland Symphony.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2012

Janke’s park offered all the necessary provisions for an outdoor holiday, which included a dance pavilion to accommodate 300 large glassless windows, a conical roof and a dance floor situated around a large spreading tree. The pavilion was also equipped with a bar, an ice cream parlor and a restaurant.

My Saved Oakland History

EXTRA! After posting the following I called to cancel my flight and they want $250 dollars. So, I am going!

The owner of ‘Oakland History’ did not get all my history expunged. I saved some of it. I will make sure he, or, she – lives in infamy! Below is the part where I talk about my ex-friend Paul Drake who played Mick in the movie ‘Sudden Impact’. After I caught him in bed with my lover, whom I was living with, I ended up in the Golden West Bar. Ten Oakland Cops showed up after I told Paul to come outside and get a ass-whoopen. It was a showdown.

Did Herbie Catch Hollowhornbear Stealing Bar Booze?

These three men are alcoholics. This is why they are homeless. It’s labor Day, time to party! It’s time to party everyday. All three walk into the Oasis, and get thrown out. No booze for the party. Dejected, they go to the Golden West where beers are spendy. They grumble because they are not going to get as shit-faced as they like.

Eugene brought the bag so he could hide the store-bought beer in it. Throw some clothes on the beer just in case the cops want to look in the bag. I don’t see them drinking in this warehouse. They might have been going under the freeway where many homeless people live.

Herbert has to take a piss. He has asked me to watch the place, when he had to go. As soon as the bathroom door shuts, Eugene tells Friend to grab the bottles with the spouts , why he tried the cash register. It opens. Eugene grabs the cash in a hurry, as Kelly heads out the door, he not wanting to be a part of this. Herbie exits the bathroom, and sees the cash register open. Going out the door, Herbie says;

‘I’m calling the cops! I know who you are!”

Eugene rushes behind the bar brandishing a knife. Friend tries to stop the trusts. The cries for mercy must have been hard to take. Mae opens the bathroom door and sees our friend trying to defend himself with his bare hands.

There was talk about going to his mother’s funeral, and, stealing a car. The price of gas was $1.22 a gallon. A hundred and sixty gallons will get you there and back. The got $280 dollars, plus stamps and welfare checks. Did they go? Did tribal members see them? On his own turf, did Hollowhornbear make Kelly and Friend take a vow they will never tell? Just don’t tell the truth.

Did the Oakland cops check to see if any station wagons were stolen? Always remember, the prime directive of an alcoholic is to get booze in his tummy. The Oasis is the only place to buy booze for two miles. If they stole a station wagon, they might have parked it so they could get to the stolen booze. They don’t need to buy more.  Dawn breaks.

These three men are now wondering if Herbie is still alive. Did they hear he was, and, began to belabor their alibis? So much of this is bullshit. Lawyers are everywhere. You do not want tribal attorneys – and a nosy press. Herbie dies – without regaining consciousness? Why? If he did come to, he would be horrified to see he could not move his head or lift his arms. If he didn’t try to call the police, he would be pouring drinks.

Kelly did see the theft of the bar bottles, and may have seen someone going for the cash register. He walks out before the stabbing. When he sees his fellow drunks emerge, he knows they got booze. All three walk to a place they can drink the booze. After a few swigs, Kelly is told they stabbed Herbie. He tosses his bottle away, in disgust. How would you like to hear Kelly’s First Step. Why wouldn’t they stay close by to see if a ambulance came? How long did one take? Did they finish off their first bottle, then dug in the bag for another, as Herbie lost quarts of blood?

Alcoholics do not like to go to jail or prison. Why is that?

Jon Presco

Will Bohemia Rise In Oakland?

Fruitvale street art in Oakland

Fruitvale street art in Oakland

bohemian5 bobjen3fru24

I predict that out of the ashes of the Ghost Ship, will rise an even better Bohemia in Fruitvale where my grandparents lived, and where other kindred moved after the great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire. I will point out The areas where artists have founded a creative colony.

Jon Presco

“Will Bohemia arise in Oakland,” was the question asked in an article in the Oakland Tribune on April 22, 1917. The reporter told of the formation of an artist’s club of the East Bay with a membership of more than 30 painters, sculptors and art students including Selden Gile, William H. Clapp and William A. Gaw (1891-1973). Many of the things that made the area seem so desirable to “The Six” were mentioned in that review, such as the picturesque waterfront and the sunny rolling hills above the Bay. Oakland was depicted as “…a Bohemia where kindred spirits meet with art and the great adventures that stimulate art to color its atmosphere.”
For almost 10 years, 1917 to 1927, until Selden Gile moved to Belvedere,[2] his cabin on Chabot Road in Oakland was the weekly meeting place for “The Six.” The “Chow House,” as it was called, had electricity but no toilet or bath.

Back to the Hippie Future

christine-1988-vic scan0015 dee2

boatjack3 vic30002 jonart0006

Here is a very good article! The author is honest so he can continue using his mind, and what a good mind it is! I keep this subject matter in mind – all the time! It is the crux of ‘The Gideon Computer that is about the ‘Last Hippie Standing’ – in the future! I began my un-finished masterpiece in 1986. THE END came a few days ago when students at UC began downloading files on how to save the planet – which we Hippies tried to do – without any money, or, a job! Our purpose in life was YANKED from our hands by Yuppies, Gays, and Siliconites who wanted to look like Bohemians, because, they were potheads – and different! They claimed we were not going anywhere, because we lacked real ambition, something the Trump Family – is full of!


Dorothy5 dorothyd2 DorothyDayDorothy-Day-children

Dorothy Day lived in Oakland as a child. I can not find out where. This is typical of other famous folks who lived in Oakland, like Gertrude Stein and Jack London. It took some digging. I have devoted thousands of hours to writing this blog, and have not received one red cent. Dorothy got a penny for her Catholic Worker. It is said she was inspired to feed the homeless most of her life because her family tended to the refugees that fled to Oakland after the San Francisco Earthquake. She had read London. Being from Oakland was a compass for her as she developed her Life’s Work.

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