Snow Down On Fort Hill

The man who was stalking me, got to the tower as I did.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.
“What are you doing here? I asked.
“I’m guarding this place? he answered.
“Are you packing a gun?
“Yes!” he answered.

We now had an ecorteric conversation on freedom of speech, and the idea of folks carrying guns to protect their point of view. There is no doubt what-so-ever that I was talking to Paul Williams, an armed guard for Mel Lyman and his wife, Jessie Benton, who are found in my family tree, after Christine married Garth Benton.

Paul would later flee for his life from the Lyman Family, he convinced they were a dangerous cult who would kill anyone who threatened them.

Two days ago I admitted it was hard for my daughter to hear me suggest she and her mother needed to look at co-dependant literature in regards to adult children of alcoholics who are taken hostage by one or both alcoholic parents, who use them in the wars they conduct against each other, and the outside world that becomes the ultimate enemy. Vic and Rosemary conducted Loyalty Checks, constantly, to make sure we hated them – equally.

That two of their children were extremely creative, had nothing to do with their creative imput – nothing! We rendered works of art, and grew out hair long so that we could repel down the tower of shit they put us in – lest we spill the beans, tell the whole world what monsters they are/were.

Jon Presco

Paul Williams launched Crawdaddy!, the first national magazine dedicated to rock and roll, on this date in 1966. Williams was a talented writer among a corps of young Jewish rock critics (including Jon Landau, Greil Marcus, Lillian Roxon, Richard Meltzer and others) who were, as Lenny Kaye put it, “trying to create writing as musical as the subject they wrote about.” Crawdaddy! preceded both Rolling Stone and Creem; it was named for a club in England where the Rolling Stones played their first gig. Williams, still a 20-year-old student at Swarthmore when he founded the publication, left it two years later and went on to write twenty-five books about music and other subjects. He became a leading authority on the music of Bob Dylan, Brian Wilson, and Neil Young, and was also a major science fiction meyvn who served as executor of Philip K. Dick’s literary estate. Williams reclaimed Crawdaddy! in 1993 and published twenty-eight more issues over the course of a decade. Injuries in a 1995 bicycle accident led to early onset Alzheimer’s disease, and he now lives in a nursing home.

Paul Williams (born May 19, 1948 in Boston, Massachusetts) is an American music journalist and writer. Williams created the first national US magazine of rock music criticism Crawdaddy![1] in January 1966[2] on the campus of Swarthmore College with the help of some of his fellow science fiction fans (he had previously put out some science fiction fanzines).[3] The first issue was ten mimeographed pages written entirely by Williams.[4][5] He left the magazine in 1968 and reclaimed the title in 1993, but had to end it in 2003 due to financial difficulties.

He is also the author of more than 25 books, of which the best-known are Outlaw Blues, Das Energi, and Bob Dylan: Performing Artist, the acclaimed three-part series. Williams is a leading authority on the works of musicians Bob Dylan, Brian Wilson, and Neil Young, and science fiction writers Philip K. Dick (serving as the executor of his literary estate) and Theodore Sturgeon. His most recent book is The 20th Century’s Greatest Hits (a “Top 40” list that includes movies, books & other documents).[6]

In 1981 he edited and published, with David G. Hartwell, a book edition of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with a foreword by Jimmy Carter.

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    Paul Williams knew my kindred, Jessie and Mel Lyman claimed they and their extended Family was from another planet. This is why he guarded them with a loaded gun. Elfine was not created till sixteen years later.

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