Threats From Alley and Fairy Friends

Kim Hafner is dehumanizing me. I suspect a member of her gossip ring owns a gun and talks about using it. I believe that person is a evangelical who spends much time on the net talking to other radical evangelicals. Alley Valkyrie put her Satanic Devils on me. I know they tried casting spells against me. A lot of witches are evangelicals.

Rosamond Press

This newspaper asked if SLEEPS was accounting for all the money people were giving them, like OCCUPY was. This is what enraged them. I kept asking Vickie Nelson for the whereabouts of papers of Incorporation.  She is the head of Nightinggale. Alley says everyone has a right to be downtown. Her terrorist threats took that right away from me. If she did this for money, then she is guilty of Racketeering according to the FBI man I talked to – twice! The opening of ‘The Royal Janitor’ is coming true in Portland where Valkyrie stirred up the homeless and the Anarchists.

Alley Valkyrie is cyber-bullying me with the help of her radical facebook friends. She has been arrested several times for breaking the laws in my community. If Whoville was not shutdown, and, I had not opposed them, then thousands of homeless people would have come from all over…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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