A Communist Crucifixion of The Press

I took on the real witches of Boston. I am like Solomon Kane. I was born to take on the Russian Troll Farm.

Rosamond Press


I was crucified because I did not betray my peers. I owed it to other newspapers not to cave to threats. The Comrades tried to take over Ken Kesey Square, and I wouldn’t let them. My family deserted and betrayed me. I lost good friends. They smelled blood. Like Hyenas, they moved in for the kill. I stood my ground. I was deeply wounded. I suffered.

Belle Burch became a facebook friend of Lara Roozemond, and has covertly turned her against me. She has done this with others. She is still trying to destroy my reputation. She and her ilk have to blame someone for ruining their lives.

Putin blamed a hundred million Democrats who are registered to vote, for ruining his beloved Russia that invaded the Crimean. He attacked newspapers, and murdered members of the Russian Press. His Trolls are ready to launch another attack. The President of…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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