Ben Toney and Augustus John

My late friend, Ben Toney, will always have a spritual home in Springfield. He was a pioneer of Pirate Radio and Herbert Armstrong was a pioneer of Church Radio.

Rosamond Press

When I learned Ben was seriously ill and in the hospital, I knew he was going to die. I wanted to get a message to him before he left. This is in May. I only learned about the KORE connection, four days ago.

Chas Cunningham smeared and tried to destroy Gully Jimson’s mural that was inspired by the character and world of Augustus John, the close kin of Ian Fleming. Little people with little minds are always trying to do harm to the creative ones. This is why we dress, and act like fools. Perhaps they will leave us alone. Maybe, they will not go into a jealous rage?

ben got to know some very famous people, and just met quite a few. He told me he had drinks with Peter Sellers after a show, and I was jealous of Ben, for the only time. I have a Seller’s character…

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