The Towering Twins of NoHo

I have another idea for a movie.

The Towering Twins of NoHo


John Presco 007

Mamka and Papenka are two Russian twins seperated due to the fakery and coverup of the Trump family. Papenka was adopted by a family in North Hollywood, who make a living teaching the art of Trapeze to the children of the rich and famous. Not able to conceive a child, they adopt. Mamka is left behind, and grows extremely bitter. She makes a pledge to destroy the city of North Hollywood not knowing this is where her twin sister lives.

Why North Hollywood? Fifteen years from now, NoHo is considered the cultural Mecca of the United States, the Vienna and Venice of Western Civilization. It has a mass transit center that rivals the trains of Europe. However, American Dumb Blondism – thrives here! Ivanka Trump found sanctuary and forgiveness here after the great confession and purge of 2019. Papenka is the Queen of NoHo.

No one is suspicious when a allegedly famous Russian Punk Rock band ‘The Mamka’s and the Papenka’s’  comes to play in the NoHo, and they stink like shit. However, the bass player, is the death! Chunky Chernobyl plays lead guitar and has Slavic legs like tree trunks. Herman von Zigzag plays drums. All three are trained killers, who are so busy learning new skills, they don’t practice.

I just realized you only have to pay one lead actor, which is a selling point. Who’s going to be – left out? You choose………

YULIA ROSE                               AURELIA GLIWSKI

John Presco 007

Copyright 2018

NORILSK, RUSSIA—Following the president’s disclosure that the purpose of the controversial June 2016 Trump Tower meeting was in fact held to collect opposition research on Hillary Clinton, hundreds of Russian orphans were devastated Monday after realizing that Donald Trump Jr. did not in fact call Russian lobbyists to the headquarters of his father’s business in order to arrange their adoptions. “We truly believed the nice Americans were going to save us from this hopeless life of hardship and toil,” said Evgeny Mikhailov, age 9, tearfully unpacking a small suitcase in his boarding house room in a frigid industrial city at the northernmost edges of Siberia and comforting his six hungry, tired siblings as best he could while they sobbed themselves to sleep. “This was the glimmer of hope we needed after the tractor factory took our Mamka and Papenka, but we learn now that all is a sham. We thought the Americans really cared for us, but they were just trying to cover their deceitful tracks.” The more than 25,000 orphans betrayed by the scandal have gone on record to express their satisfaction at learning how President Putin was at least helping oppose the deceitful Trump by supporting American Democrats.

The NoHo Arts District is a community in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, that is home to contemporary theaters, art galleries, cafes, and shops. The community is generally bounded by Hatteras Street to the north, Cahuenga Blvd to the east, Tujunga Ave to the west, and Camarillo Street to the south. The area features more than twenty professional theaters, producing new work and classics, diverse art galleries, public art, and professional dance studios. The district also features the largest concentration of music recording venues west of the Mississippi. A Metro Rail station is located here, the North Hollywood station of the Red Line, and serves as the terminus of the Metro Orange Line busway.

Business and theater owners in the Universal City/North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce established a theater and arts district in 1992 with support from the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs. They chose “NoHo”, a play off the well-known SoHo Arts District neighborhood of New York City.

Today, The NoHo Arts District, in conjunction with greater North Hollywood, is being transformed into a regional center, in large part as a result of the construction of Metro Stations for the Red Line and the Orange Line, two lines that have made the neighborhood into a regional hub for the San Fernando Valley. Medium- and high-density developments are being built around the Metro Station, making the Arts District a center of citywide development, with the intent of creating a walkable urban village. North Hollywood’s landscape (and the Art’s District as a result) has been transformed in recent years, with condominium towers (including a fifteen-story building on Lankershim Boulevard being built in the midst of older one-story bungalows and small apartment complexes.

The theater district includes two new large venues that expand upon existing theaters, the newly redesigned NoHo Arts Center (formerly the American Renegade Theatre) and the redesigned Historical El Portal. They add to the existing 31 theaters located in and around the NoHo Arts District. NoHo Commons, developed by J.H. Snyder Company, is located near the NoHo Arts District’s commercial core and subway station. The $100-million, 292-unit loft apartment project by Snyder was the first segment to be completed of NoHo Commons, part of a “transit village” taking form at the terminus of the Metro Red Line subway and the Orange Line busway. The NoHo Commons construction and development consisted of three phases, completing with the construction of a Laemmle Theatre. Phase III also consisted of the construction of an eight-story office on the corner of Lankershim and Weddington in 2009. The building’s primary tenant is currently the Art Institute of California-Hollywood. NoHo 14, a 180-unit, fourteen-story apartment building, was built in 2004 as one of the first large-scale developments in the neighborhood.

The historic North Hollywood train depot at Lankershim and Chandler Boulevards was restored in 2014 for $3.6 million.[1] It is a Southern Pacific Railroad standard design, a One Story Combination Depot No. 15 or 21.[2] The train depot, dating to 1896, sits on land owned by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, across from the Metro Red Line subway station and next to the terminus of the Orange Line bus line.

Currently the NoHo Arts District, in conjunction with the Community Redevelopment Agency-Los Angeles, is working on beautification efforts to make the area more appealing to businesses. The current focus is primarily on revamping store fronts on Lankershim Blvd and Magnolia Blvd with Burbank Blvd to follow.

In the future, North Hollywood plans a $1 billion mixed-use development at Lankershim and Chandler, surrounding the Metro Red and Orange line terminals. The project would re-develop 15.6 acres (63,000 m2) with 1,720,000 square feet (160,000 m2) of commercial and residential space, including 562 residential units and three high-rise office towers. The project was awarded to Lowe Enterprises by the Los Angeles Metro board and will be designed by architects AC Martin Partners.

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