The Rose

It is all coming together. I was told my novels are being dictated to me by a powerful entity that roams the universe coming to planets in distress. We are burning up. The Rapture Rats are destroying environmental agencies so their evil destructive prayers will come true – just for them! I have gathered the Roses of this Divine Entity.

John Rose 007

The Rose

Rose Edith Kelly (1874 – 1932)

Rose Edith KellyRose Edith kelly was born at 78 Cambridge Terrace, Paddington, England, to parents Frederic Festus Kelly and Blanche Bradford Kelly. She was the oldest of three children, her siblings being Eleanor Constance Mary and Gerald Festus.

In 1880, the family moved to Camberwell Vicarage, where her father served as the curate for the Parish of St. Giles for the next 35 years.

In 1895, Rose escorted her brother Gerald to Cape Town, South Africa, where he convalesced from a liver ailment during the winter of 1895-96. On 31 August 1897 she married Major Frederick Thomas Skerrett at St Giles’ Church, Camberwell. He was a member of the Royal Army Medical Corps and about fifteen years older than her. He died on 19 Aug 1899. In 1901 she joined her brother Gerald in Paris, France, where she stayed for six months.

Aleister Crowley went to Edinburgh on July 13, 1903 to replenish his extensive stock of expensive wines, to engage the services of a companion-housekeeper, and to pass the time of day with Gerald, who was to spend the summer at Strathpeffer in the Scottish highlands. In August, Gerald wrote to Crowley inviting him to join his party at Strathpeffer. This is where Crowley met Gerald’s sister, Rose. Under pressure by her family to re-marry, she was engaged to a friend of Gerald’s by the name of Howell. Crowley offered to help her out of her dilemma by marry her with no strings attached, in other words, marry and then go their separate ways. She gratefully accepted. Crowley and Rose were married on August 12, 1903 in Dingwall, Scotland in a civil ceremony. As it turned out, they fell in love and their union was passionate. Crowley named her Ouarda, Arabic for “Rose,” the role would become Ouarda the Seer.

Rose Edith KellyOn 16 March 1904, “in an avowedly frivolous attempt to impress his wife”, Crowley tried to “shew the Sylphs” to her using the “Bornless Ritual”. Although she could see nothing, she did seem to enter into a light trance and repeatedly said, “They’re waiting for you!” After asking the god Thoth to clarify the matter and getting Rose to identify the source of the message as Horus, Crowley took her to the Boulaq Museum and asked her to point out Horus to him. She passed several common images of the god and led him to a painted wooden funerary stele, the Stele of Revealing, from the Twenty-sixth dynasty of Egypt, depicting Horus receiving a sacrifice from the deceased, a priest named Ankh-af-na-khonsu. Crowley was impressed by the fact that the museum had numbered this piece 666, the number that he had identified with since childhood.

This synchronicity and others caused him to pay closer attention to what Rose told him. At her direction, on three successive days beginning 8 April 1904, he entered his room and starting at noon, and for exactly one hour, wrote down what he claimed he heard dictated from a shadowy presence behind him who identified himself as Aiwass. The results over the three days were the three chapters of verse known as “Liber AL vel Legis”, “The Book of the Law”. At one point Crowley failed to hear a sentence, which Rose later amended to page 19 of the original manuscript ‘The Five Pointed Star, with a Circle in the Middle, & the circle is Red .

Rose Edith Kelly - Aleister CrowleyRose had two children with Crowley: Nuit Ma Ahathoor Hecate Sappho Jezebel Lilith (born in July 1904, died in Spring 1906) and Lola Zaza (born in 1906). Rose and Aleister divorced in 1909.

In 1911 Crowley had Rose committed to an asylum for alcohol dementia. After her release she married Dr. Joseph Andrew Gormley in October 1912, a Roman Catholic, but her alcoholism returned. Dr. Gormley died 1 March 1925 at age 75. Kelly died on 11 February 1932 in Middlesex.

As an adult, Lola Zaza disowned her father. She married Frank Hill in Paddington on Saturday June 9, 1934. They had a child named Elizabeth Hill born in Paddington in 1935.

Lola Zaza Hill died on Friday March 9, 1990 at Battle Hospital, Reading, Berkshire.

The German synth-pop group Alphaville dedicated a song to Rose Edith, entitled “Red Rose” (1986), citing Crowley’s rule of “Do What Thou Wilt”.

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    Ian Fleming is in my corner!

    Roozemond of the Imperial Riding Club
    Posted on August 21, 2018
    by Royal Rosamond Press

    Victoria Bond attended Le Rosey, and was the epitome of a Rosey Brat, a truth she wants to leave far behind her. She had a anonymous patron. Some suspect the Agha Kahn took her under his wings. Her peers spread rumors, and called her a Royal Slut and Mistress of the one of the wealthiest men in the world. But, it was his wife who adopted Lara from afar, for all the right reasons. This lovely woman called Victoria
    “Rose Mouth”
    John Presco 007

    Princess Gabriele of Leiningen, born as Gabriele Renate Homey, is the daughter of a family of successful German entrepreneurs, Renate Thyssen-Henne (de; fr) (née Kerkhoff) and Helmut Friedhelm Homey. Early in life she adopted the surname “Thyssen” name from her stepfather Bodo Thyssen (member of the Thyssen family).
    His Highness the Aga Khan’s biography
    Son of Prince Aly Khan and Princess Tajuddawlah Aly Khan, the Aga Khan was born on 13 December 1936, in Geneva. He spent his early childhood in Nairobi, Kenya, and then attended Le Rosey School in Switzerland for nine years. He graduated from Harvard University in 1959 with a BA Honors Degree in Islamic history.

    Capturing The Beautiful Bond Woman
    Posted on April 17, 2018
    by Royal Rosamond Press

    The character for James Bond is based upon two people, Baron von Thyssen, and Robin Ian Evelyn Stuart Le Prince La-Lanne Mirrlees, who was the Rouge Serpent. Teresa Bond is also based on two women who were fashion models. Bond saves Nina Dyer, who committed suicide in real life. The Baron seduced her when she was 17. She owned a 1962 Jaguar E-Type and two black panthers. This Jaguar was lost – and now found!
    1. Sanne Vos – Champ of Class – 71,85%
    2. Dana van Lierop – Day of Diva – 69,91%
    3. Febe van Zwambagt – Prince Z – 69,77%
    4. Michelle de Jonge – Hagelkruis Valentijn – 68,33%
    5. Samantha van der Lof – Elin’s Nonsisdador – 66,81%
    6. Lotte Meulendijks – Armani – 66,67%
    7. Bo Oudhof – Bodenthal’s Kosima – 66,57%
    8. Sanne Gilbers – Geronimo B – 66,53%
    9. Kirsten Dirks – Silver Shadow – 65,83%
    10. Lara Roozemond – Kooihuster Keimpe – 64,72%
    11. Demy Kurstjens – Ciske van de Beekerheide – 64,63%
    12. Lara Roozemond – No Angel- 64,21%
    The Imperial Riding Cup
    Posted on April 19, 2018
    by Royal Rosamond Press

    The Imperial Riding Cup
    Lara Roozemond can ride a horse like this. She competed in the Imperial Riding Cup. This is a plus for ‘The Bond Woman’. I am fashioning a glass slipper for Lara’s foot. When I looked at her on Instagram, a Jaguar ad appeared. She’s a……….Horseshoe in?
    Lara rode ‘No Angel’. This will be the title of a chapter, a scene from ‘The Royal Janitor’. Where after competing, she drives willy-nilly to the Horseshoe Inn. This is her hoof stomping ground. Belting down a shot of Kentucky Bourbon, she spots the Austrian who competed in the Men’s event.
    “Look at the hindquarters on that one. And those eyes. He reeks of good breeding. I must have him!”
    And off she slinks across the room, like a black panther. The female bartender shakes her head. She has seen this predator in action before. They call her the Black Widow, for, she loves them and leaves them – devastated! She is utterly crazy and dysfunctional when she gets like this, And it is not the whisky.
    Victoria’s girlfriend comes in and sees she has her prey cornered.
    “She shouldn’t get on a horse. She thinks she is the reincarnation of a Centauride. She was a shut-in as a child, and read a lot. She has an altar to Hera. She believe men fucked the worship of her all up. She is out for revenge.
    Uh-oh. He’s feeling dominated and wants the upper hand. If he touches her in a superior manner, she’ll kick the shit out him! She knows French Foot Boxing. When her eyes start blazing, and she declares “I am Arion!” best cut her off.”

    I want my female Bond to be half mad, for what was done to her. Note the pic of Lara and her lover in the lower right-hand corner. I love this shot! This is her inner black panthers taking control. (add smile) You can not write good poetry – unless you are mad! Did I tell you Victoria has committed to memory a million poems? Don’t let her corner you when she’s… the mood.
    Jon Presco
    Copyright 2018
    On the subject of Arion, Homer said in the Iliad:[4]
    “… there is no man that shall catch thee by a burst of speed, neither pass thee by, nay, not though in pursuit he were driving goodly Arion, the swift horse of Adrastus, that was of heavenly stock …”
    Pia Christina Miller Getty (born 1966), is an American independent filmmaker.[1] She is the oldest daughter of businessman Robert Warren Miller and sister of Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece and Denmark and Princess Alexandra von Fürstenberg, a trio famously dubbed the Miller Sisters.
    Pia spent her childhood in Hong Kong and attended Le Rosey School in Switzerland. She later studied art history at Georgetown University.
    In 1992 in Bali, she married Getty Oil heir Christopher Ronald Getty, son of Jean Ronald Getty and grandson of Jean Paul Getty. The couple has four children, Isabel (b. 1993), Robert Maximilian (b. 1996), Conrad (b. 1998), and Maximus (b. 2002). They divorced in 2005. She is the godmother of her niece, Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark.
    Pia is the American spokeswoman for the cosmetics company Sephora. She is frequently featured in Vogue, Vanity Fair and other society magazines.
    Her first feature documentary film, China Power – Art Now After Mao, released in 2008, focused on China’s burgeoning art scene.

    Institut Le Rosey (French pronunciation: ​[ɛ̃stity lə ʁo.zɛ]), commonly referred to as Le Rosey or simply Rosey, is a boarding school in Rolle, Switzerland. It was founded by Paul-Émile Carnal in 1880 on the site of the 14th-century Château du Rosey in the town of Rolle in the Canton of Vaud. It is one of the oldest boarding schools in Switzerland.
    The school also owns a campus in the ski resort village of Gstaad in the Canton of Bern, to where the student body, faculty, and staff move during the months of January through March. In 2015, the son of the fourth director of Le Rosey Philippe Gudin, Christophe Gudin, became the fifth one. Michael Gray is the headmaster.[4]

    Le Rosey’s philosophy is inspired by what Harvard educationalist Howard Gardner has called “multiple intelligences“: “its aim is to develop all Roseans’ talents through academic, sporting and artistic programmes.”[9] The school offers a demanding bilingual and bicultural education with the language of instruction being French or English depending on the student’s academic program; however, students may take many language classes while at Le Rosey.

    Le Rosey school in Geneva

    By Harry Mount
    8:00PM GMT 26 Jan 2015

    It is known as the school of kings, counting among its alumni the Shah of Iran, Prince Rainier of Monaco and King Farouk of Egypt. Its catchment area was once the glittering palaces that housed the grandest families on the Continent: the Metternichs, the Borgheses and the Hohenlohes.
    But Institut Le Rosey is now spreading its net to humble old Britain. For the first time in its 135-year history, the prestigious Swiss boarding school has been recruiting gilt-edged pupils, aged seven to 18, in London.
    Co-educational since 1967, it is keen to claim a slice of a market hitherto dominated by British boarding schools such as Eton and Harrow.
    But at £80,000 a year – more than twice their fees – the most expensive school in the world will hardly be cherry-picking the brightest and best middle-class British pupils. Their parents find British school fees steep enough already.
    London, however, has become the city of choice for the world’s richest parents so is also home to the world’s richest kids. And it is they who formed the target audience for Le Rosey’s recruitment drive last week, held at the city’s Swiss Embassy.

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