The Nazarites War With Rome Over Temple

I am a Nazarite. Here is my church. I am considering founding Virtual Zimbabwe. Marilyn Reed and I have ended our feud, and love one another again.

I discovered there are two William Wilsons buried in St. Georges a father and son. One died in Windsor Castle. I have an amazing genealogy with much history. Stop attacking me and getting in my way!

John Presco

An important chapter in Elisabeth’s life began in 1988, when she and her husband acquired Forrester Estate in Zimbabwe. In addition to managing the business, they built new dams for 28 million cubic meters of water, and an irrigation system to go with it. On their African farm, the couple also expanded medical care and provided education for the local inhabitants. In the 1990s, the Pezolds established a polytechnic college, with all the equipment generously provided by the Federal Republic of Germany. Because of political developments in Zimbabwe, however, the college was never opened – as part of the country’s so called land reform, the state took over the location and the school was demolished.

Review of Black Panther

You don’t have to invite me to a costume ho-down – but once! When I saw black folks dressed in African regalia on the news, I had to get me some. All I had was a pillowcase to my safari sleep-set. I draped it over my shoulder, and…….Wah-Lah Wakanda!

“Wakanda, here I come! Just me, and my regal self.”

Zulu Nazarite Prophets


When John Gainer came on stage at the Hult Center, I had no idea he was going to sing a Zulu song. Marilyn did not tell me much about the show she was co-producing. She wanted to surprise me. I was surprised!

In 1988 I declared myself a Nazarite, and baptized myself in the McKenzie River. I went to town and got on the internet at the Eugene Public Library. I was looking for other Nazarites. I found them in South Africa. I wrote them.

A year earlier, after reading all of Luke for the first time, I asked Jesus to come into my life and help me with the darkness of Family Incest. He appeared, and said this;

“I and my Father in Heaven are already working on this matter. Be not afraid. Spiritual Courage will be met with Spiritual Courage.”

Rejected by the local church, I found an infinity for John the Baptist who I was named after.  Two hours ago I googled John and Incest. I don’t know why I never did this. I was shocked to see it is a topic being discussed – openly!

After coming into the light, I found my childhood sweetheart again. She invited me to hear the choir she sang in. Inspirational Gospel Sounds of Eugene, is open to everyone. You can be an atheist and sing songs about God. They have always been my Zulu Nazarite Church in America.

Molested children are too young to form a religious opinion. Often, they become super loyal to their abusers. The Truth – does set them free!

At Kenny Reed’s Jazz and Poetry readings, I read my poem ‘Wake Up Ye Africans’ and did a version of the dance you see performed by the men in white.

Play top two videos at same time.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2016


Rosamond Press

I just learned Christopher Tolkien resigned from his father Estate Trust, in disgust. This has left the Tolkien Cosmology open to crass commercialism. Because I declared myself a Nazarite after the long-haired Nazarene Artists of Germany who influenced the Pre-Raphaelite Artists of England, of whom William Morris was a member, and because Morris was a major influence on Tolkien………I hereby TRANSFER that influence……..over to Royal Rosamond Press, and The New Nazarites.

For the reason I made the first legal argument in regards to the Pre-Raphaelites and the Holy Grail, and, my Rose Line, these lawsuits in regards to the Priory de Sion, are part of a Creative Cosmology that has been established in our Superior Courts. Biblical and Secular Laws have merged with several important legends, the Oera Linda Books being one of them, along with the Legends of the Lombards and the people of Iceland.

I will make a…

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