Review of Black Panther

You don’t have to invite me to a costume ho-down – but once! When I saw black folks dressed in African regalia on the news, I had to get me some. All I had was a pillowcase to my safari sleep-set. I draped it over my shoulder, and…….Wah-Lah Wakanda!

“Wakanda, here I come! Just me, and my regal self.”

Being born in Oakland, need I say the opening of Black Panther was my favorite part.

“Oakland 1992”

Well done, sir! However, the scene on the barge, stank, then sunk! These gorgeous women began to move their bodies in a dull and ho-hum manner. I glanced over at my umbrella to make sure it was in plain sight when I make a quick exit. Right away, I became aware of the camera, the director, the whole crew is thinking ‘Jigaboo’.

“Let’s not overdo it. Let’s be safe and make the dance number short and sweet. We don’t want to alianante the few white folks in the audience. Best show more black strongman cage fighting scenes. ”

When I first saw the dance number ’42 Street’ (in Oakland) on my families black and white  T.V. I got chills. I was eight. I still get chills. The director should have looked at the work of Busby Berkeley – that remains MYSTICAL!

Wakanda is a supernatural place. We hippies could not get enough – of these acid trips! You don’t have to show much, in the beginning, just do some Avatar stuff, give us a peek that the Cool Blue Goo our hero ingests, is going to render you the best dancer in Walanda! King David danced before the Ark. Show made-up musical sheet music with high-tech mathematics and rhythm floating to the surface.  Then promise us there’s going to be the best dance number ever filmed – in the end! You got to get us in the isle – shaking it like there is no tomorrow. I’m talking High Holy Roller from outerspace! What the hell is going on at the giant waterfall? It looks like the Ancient Aliens passed out rhythm and dance to all the peoples of earth, and overlooked Walanda – because they couldn’t see it!

Why all this moral dialogue. If you’re the most advanced people on the planet, you got be a moral people. My ears closed when I heard the same shit I heard in ‘The Karate Kid’.

Jon Presco

To be Continued

I just spent the last four hours watching the most moving and articulate human beings I have seen in awhile. I can not add, or take away from the courage these young students have demonstrated – in the face of fire! They are at war, but, not like soldiers who rush to get their gun, they are saying this is the last thing they will do. They are not out defend themselves, but all of us. They want to save all our lives. They remind that being young is to be in an alien world, a ghetto, where very rarely is the genius that we are all born with heard, least felt……….by the outsiders. All those walls, wherein our newfound genius die, for want of a sympathetic, adult, audience. We are being taught from the soul of the ghetto, wherein we are born, and where too many die, before we die.


The two videos above are of white performers duplicating what writers and producers saw in Harlem where there was a Rennaisance that was taken to Paris. Josephine Baker owned a strange stage. She did this banana dance, and crossed her eyes. She shook her butt like no woman had before. Today – its all the rave! The movie ‘Black Panther’ didn’t even try to do something truly daring, as far as I can tell, because I felt sick to my stomach after seeing the obligatory car chase – and left the theatre! Why? And that villain, that White Devil? Why? I would have put ten young black woman in a room with a mirror and had them pass around books with very handsome white men in it.

“Anyone turn you on?”

How about Beckman? He’s a German billionaire with all the power he will ever need, and, pussy that he grabs without asking. But, he has never been kissed by a Walanda princess, or queen. There is something there, there, that transcends a organic or chemical high. It has been recently isolated – thanks to advanced genetics – that suggest an ancient and unadulterated source. It’ s called ‘The Banana Dance’  after a famous Harlem dancer, that is only meant for men with black skin. It will drive you crazy!

“To hell with that!”

What Von Beckerman wants. Beckerman gets. When he has had his fill, he sends in his Mining&Bank Company that has a long history of colonial exploitation, and domination.

“Now – that’s a villain!”

C’mon! This is a comic book for Pete’s sake. An old fashioned Romance magazine was way more sexy. Study the song ‘Shuffle Off To Buffalo’ to know how white folks do it, populate the earth, and become the dominant race. This is from the period where black men knew their place, as porters on…………The Love Train!


To be continued


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    I walked out of the movie Black Panther. They had this scene that looked like the Oregon Ducks coming out of the tunnel. Then, the makers of this movie, chickened out. I walked out!

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