Return of The Sweet Ride

Joe Pasternak was a Jew who got out of Nazi Germany when the getting was good. He helped other Jews associated with Germanies movie industry, get out, and tried to find jobs for all those writers. His son, Jeff, had a crush on Marilyn. After we broke up, he took her to France. When Joe saw the beach scene in Santa Monica, he was blown away. From the get, Marilyn wanted me in her movie. I wanted her to be my muse and help me become a famous artist. Every Saturday we took the bus to the pier, and waited for the Giant Matt stand to open. We rented two, and spent hours taking long rides on the waves to shore. It was our bliss. A year ago I am pushing for another Sweet Ride movie. I didn’t know about ‘Love Island’ that was a hit in Britain and will be in America, where it has its roots.

Marilyn was Red Hot! She was doing modeling work at thirteen. Her friend, Steven Silverstein, took photos of her on Malibu Beach. We fell asleep in each others arms, on the sand. She was a L.A. blond. We had what everyone wanted. Everyone was jealous of us. Some people tried to destroy us. They marooned us on ‘Love Island’. Marilyn blamed me for being anti-social. Rena didn’t care if we conversed with another human being. She enjoyed having me all to herself. Bond sprang from here.

Lara Roozemond thinks I am deluded. So do old friends. I do care about this. I know the tried and true formula. My sister listened to me, and became a famous millionaire.

I was a surrealist. Everyday with Marilyn was another unreal scene. I wish I had a camera with unlimited film. I would love to have made ‘Forced To See Belly Graham and Have Our Teen Naughty Parts Shamed’. I made her cry a lot. I wanted off the set!

On our third date, fifteen year old Marilyn took me to see the movie ‘Phaedra’ at the Nuart that specialized in foreign films. I had kissed Nancy when I was twelve. I was a saint destined for the church. M gave me a preview of how it could be, between us. I really wanted tp replicate this, but, fearing pregnancy, we learned to come at the same time – with our clothes on, which is the Documentary I should have made as Teen Movie Genius. We did this to music, even to the sound track of Phaedra. I was no longer rendering works of art. I expressed – real concern. Marilyn looked like a young Kim Novack. L.A. had swallowed me up! At sixteen, I was washed up as an artist. I was now a L.A. Lover. This is what M wanted. Then she wanted me to be saved by Billy Graham at the L.A. Coliseum. I was a young James Bond.

My future brother-in-law, Garth Benton, co-starred in ‘Raiders From Beneath The Sea’ that is a Bondish flick. Garth was a good friend of Larry Chazen and Ann and Gordon Getty. He did a mural in their mansion. The scene where the car pulls out near the beach is two blocks over from where I lived. My other brother-in-law had a role in ‘The Gambler’. Check out the bedroom of the BoHo fashion chic. Both actors are now kin to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, Ian Fleming, Augustus John. and Karl Scwarzenberg – thanks to me!

And, thanks to all these godless perverts for making the Grahams what they are today, priggish political sheep amongst the fornicating wolves. It’s a fucking nightmare! It was Love Island, in the beginning, and it will be Love Island, to the fucking end!

John Presco

n a 1960 review, A. H. Weiler characterized the film:[1]

… it is from the photographic and sound-track concentration on the Hogarthian faces of Los Angeles that The Savage Eye derives most of its ferocity. The rabid wrestling-match audiences; the middle-aged and elderly ladies seeking improvement of gross bodies in beauty parlors; the sensuous writhings of Jean (Venus the Body) Hidey as she strips and teases in a burlesque joint, and, most effectively, the matter-of-fact faith healer who doles out wholesale blessings on the afflicted (done with a direct voice and sound track) are the most striking glints in The Savage Eye.

Rosamond Press

I have an idea about a movie that will exploit the series Trust. My friend, Jeff Pasternak’s father produced ‘The Sweet Ride’ co-starring Bob Denver from Gilligan’s Island. Michael Wilding plays Mr. Cartwright. His son married Aileen Getty. He is in my family tree because he married Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor.

Jeff tried to get The Doors in his Dad’s Hippie Flic, which describes ‘Trust’ – for me! Of course I am on the side of the Hippie Son, even though I am clean and sober. There is a whole generation that doesn’t have a clue what is going on in ‘Trust’. Why is the dude with stars on his shirt treated like shit? What did he do? Well, look at this trailer.

There is a Woodie in this film. I am going to base a character on Tom Snyder. Tomas von Franz will be a amateur psychiatrist from Berlin who…

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