Return of The Angry Mob

In between each naughty sex act in the Bible, there is a angry mob scene. Sampson and Deliah is the archetypical complaint……….The Worng People are in power! The good people, have no power – and want to be in control. This is never more true then when you are a hot and sexy teenager living at home. Taking over your home, and setting your parents out on the curb – is Biblical!

Belle Burch did not fear for her life! She and members of SLEEPS conspired about the best way to get parental-like me to shut up, stop me from writing about them, and remove what I had written about them – and was going to write about them. They wanted me DEAD. This is – CONSPIRACY. So what if I had the hots for their Beloved Belle, and wanted to take her away to ‘Love Island’. So fucking what. It was my business, and, perhaps, our business. One thing I was sure of, Belle was going to be newsworthy for a long time to come. Do any members of this mob know Belle of Alley Valkyrie? When I ran into Belle in a public square, she did not tell me what she and her mob were up to.

“We’re venting our spleens. We want to hurt Jon Ruis, becacuse he hurt us! Would you like to join our cause? We may do some more trespassing.  There might be – VIOLENCE!”

Here’s a truth from this old man………Every generation believes they invented fornication, and, getting angy with ‘The Man’. It’s a Merry-go-Round. The same scene is seen again and again. When you reach a certain age, you are not allowed to go for another ride! Rioting is for the young at heart, unless you live in Eugene. Why is that young man tugging on the door wearing a mask? Is he avoiding a record that will impair his chance of getting a job?Was this Belle’s real concern, verses being stalked by a sex fiend? Is the dude shooting the video – on their side? They will meet at Skull Man Bob’s house later for a box of wine, and a premiere showing of Hot Youth Gone Hog Wild? They will pair off and have hot sex.

As a newspaperman, you notice it is the same shit, over and over again. Belle could have gone to Hollywood, and gotten in a movie. That mouth. Those two balls in her hand. Perfect teeth.

John Presco

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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