Jealous Rage

People have been jealous of me all my life. It is so hard to stay focused. All members of SLEEPS interfered with my investigation of my sister’s mysterious death, that I asked Belle to help me with. I offered co-authorship of my auto-biography ‘Capturing Beauty’. To discover Liz almost married a Bond author, and Ian Fleming wanted Richard Burton to play Bond in the first movie, is un-canny. And, now Lana Wood was a Bond Woman. I am being anointed over the big studio dudes -from beyond the grave – or another dimension?Who raped Lana Wood?

John Presco

“I don’t think there’s a mystery,” she told us. “I think it was very sloppy work on the coroner’s part, on the investigation. Things were dismissed too rapidly. I don’t to this day understand why [Wagner] didn’t go to his wife’s side when her body was found floating in the water. She was identified by Dennis Davern, who was the skipper on the boat.”

Wood added that after all this time, she’s still stunned by Wagner’s decision not to speak with investigators. In the podcast, sources claimed his memory “is unreliable” and “he had early onset memory loss and really doesn’t want to speak with investigators.”

But Wood is not buying it.

Rosamond Press

I just read this mornings news. Robert is a suspect. That’s him looking at something Margaret Keane is holding. Is it a photo?

Margaret Keane was not captured and held prisoner. She enjoyed being in the company of many celebrities thanks to her husbands promotional genius that Christine Rosamond Benton duplicated. Why didn’t the Keanes paint Robert Wagner?

Investigators reviewing the 1981 death at sea of actress Natalie Wood say the account of a boat captain who says he saw Wood’s husband, Robert Wagner, explode in a jealous rage over her relationship with the actor Christopher Walken on the night she died is “credible.”

In an upcoming CBS 48 Hours special, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Lieutenant John Corina is asked if Wood’s widower Robert Wagner, 87, is considered a suspect. He responded by saying Wagner is now considered “more of a person of interest

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