Chateau de Breze & Bourmont Wine

If  Virginia and I could have had children! Did James Bond sire a child? I am, the real James Bond. The enemy is at the gate. I have been keeping them at bay. Time for me to receive some credit.

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Bourmont and Breze Castles






The Chateaus of the Anjou Legitimists who grow grapes and make wine while they wait for the return of the French Monarchy.

Jon Presco

The Château de Bourmont is located in the commune of Freigné in the Department of Maine-et-Loire, Pays de la Loire, France.


The La Tour-Landry, then mesh of La Tour-Landry held the lands of Bourmont since XIVe century. By the alliance in 1691, Marie-Hélène de Maillé de La Tour – Landry (1670-1752) with Marie-Henry, count of Ghaisne (1662-1710), it passes to the family of Ghaisne de Bourmont, to which it still belongs.

In 1773, the Château de Bourmont is the place of birth of Louis Auguste Victor de Ghaisne de Bourmont, author of the taken of Algiers in 1830. Conquest by which it will be made Marshal of France.

In 1795, during the chouannerie, the Viscount of Scepaux established his headquarters.

Claire Clémence de Maillé-Brézé (25 February 1628 – 16 April 1694) was a French noblewoman from the Brézé family and a niece of Cardinal Richelieu. She married Louis de Bourbon, Prince of Condé, known as Le Grand Condé (The Great Condé), and became the mother of Henri Jules. She was Princess of Condé and Duchess of Fronsac.

Brézé was the name of a noble Angevin family. The founder and most famous member of the family was Pierre de Brézé (c. 1410-1465), one of the trusted soldiers and statesmen of Charles VII. He was succeeded as seneschal of Normandy by his eldest son, Jacques de Brézé (c. 1440-1490), count of Maulevrier; and then by his grandson, Louis de Brézé (died 1531), husband of the famous Diane de Poitiers, whose tomb in Rouen Cathedral, attributed to Jean Goujon and Jean Cousin the Elder, is a splendid example of French Renaissance work.

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“Richard Eldridge, owner and winemaker, stumbled into wine through marriage to the late Valerie de Bourmont who introduced him to wine. In a sense, the rest is history.”

I met Virginia Hambley in 1998, and wanted children with her. When I learned she could not have children, and when my sixteen year old daughter appear in my life, I told Virginia I would share Heather with her. The same went for grandson, Tyler Hunt, when he was born. Virgnia was not born when her two older sisters attended the wedding of their cousin in New York where she was born. Clark Hambley was an artist and worked at a prestigious advertising agency.

Like her sister before her,  after graduating from High School, Virginia was invited to stay with her Bourmont kindred in France. She told me they had a winery. When I showed her a photo of Breze Chateau, and…

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