Kingdom of California


Organizers of a long-running initiative to secure California’s secession from the United States now say they want to give away nearly half of the state, including all of its federal land, to form an “autonomous Native American nation.”

“Calexit,” as the proposal for California’s secession is known, was given the green light by the state government earlier this year to begin collecting signatures to place the measure on the November ballot. Advocates had until mid-October to gather 365,880 signatures of registered voters to put it up for a statewide vote.

But the revamp announced by Calexit’s founders on Tuesday adds an additional objective: constructing “the first ever autonomous Native American nation in North America,” by giving Native Americans all federal lands in the state, running from the border with Mexico to the state boundary shared with Oregon.

The Monkey Block and Queen Calafia

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California Dreamers



liberty_19450623Roy Reuben Rosamond published stories in Out West that began as ‘The Overland Monthly’ that was published by the writer, Bret Harte, whose patron was my kindred, Jessie Benton. Before radio and television Americans read magazines to get their feel for the land. Folks back East wanted to go West and live like natives, wanderers, and gold miners. Folks wanted to live half-naked in tents. They wanted to bond with Squaw Girls, dig for gold, and never work again. Minus the drugs, many Americans wanted to be Hippies. When the right-wing evangelicals put down the California Dream – they destroyed America! With their god, Ronald Reagan, they made Californians out to be dirty, in need of bath – like most campers!

In 1911 Royal wrote ‘The Squaw Girl’ and took out “Dramatic rights” on his short story lest it be stolen from him and made into a movie. I suspect Rena has some native American blood. She was not a dame full of gab. When we came into town, down from our mountain top, we had an aura about us. Folks moved out of our way. We had staked out our claim. Older women, averted their eyes. They say they don’t got one – an ego that is – but Rena knew exactly where they kept it hidden, and got their goat every time – but good! Sometimes I would look back in her wake to behold the damage.

Rena walked like a gunslinger. She had a steady gaze. She had no girlfriends growing up. She couldn’t stand chatty girls. She thought her older sisters were immature. Rena Victoria did not drop out of the inane popularity contest. She was never in it!

Royal published some stories in Liberty Magazine. He wrote of a maiden in a bathing suit getting much attention. There were campers at the Chautauqua campground listening to debaters on Ventura Beach.

Americans used to have real opinions. Our women were real, too. Yesterday I admonished a young woman texting because she couldn’t stay within the painted lines on the road. Today, men aren’t allowed any opinions about women. Women mostly text other women. We used to pick up good vibrations, but, we must text someone to make sure. By the time we get an answer, we’ve driven into a telephone pole. Folks on drugs don’t drive this bad.

Jon Presco


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