Camping With The Gypsy & Boho

I am the King of the Bohemians in America.

Rosamond Press

There is a whole style of clothing called Gypsy-Bohemian. One could say the artist Rosamond copied this style – that Rena and I lived! No one in my family can handle the truth I had a powerful influence on my sister. I was a father-figure to her. I took her under my wing when she was abused by both parents. I was her protector, her beloved brother, who Rosemary threw out of our home when I came to Christine’s rescue. I was her knight in shining armor. I am the Swan Knight come to restore our Bohemian Rose line.

Rena was a great camper. She only complained once. One morning she told me her tailbone was hurting because of our love making, the ground too hard. So we looked on the bulletin board in the Safeway store in Guernville, and found a single mattress for sale. It fit in our…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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