Trump Hotel Madness

Many learned men are looking for a motive for Trump’s betrayal. I posted one a year ago. What if someone called Melania and said they could poison her son, like they poisoned the ex-spy? Trump had dealings with the Russian Mafia when he tried to buy the Moscow Hotel. They might have dirt on him – and not Putin. If so, Putin did not lie when he said he did not. Did he see the evidence? Trump said he could shoot someone and no one would care. As our President, Trump does not own the power of death over life – yet! Don’t forget those two Russian he secretly met with in the White House after a news conference. Melania looks like she had a nervous breakdown. Why? This throwing of the ball to Melania, saying it was for Baron, is a tell. Family first!

John Presco

“The poisoned daughter of a former Russian spy has reportedly been discharged from the hospital after being targeted with a suspected nerve agent, along with her father.
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Hospital officials said early on Tuesday morning that Yulia Skripal, 33, had left the facility. They said she had recently made a rapid recovery after spending almost a month unconscious and in critical condition.
A statement delivered by the medical director of Salisbury district hospital, Christine Blanshard, said they “wish Yulia well,” but added “this is not the end of her treatment.”

Rosamond Press

Trump is still obsessed with his Hotels. Raddison Blu appears to be his main competition that has built a hotel in Russia. It appears Trump has been kissing Putin’s ass to get his hotels built in Russia. It looks like Putin wanted a photo op in the Oval Office in order to show proof to Russian Investors Trump is a team player.

It’s all here in this article. Trump and other hotel moguls are concerned about terrorists ruining their business via tourism. Did Trump assure the Rus that Israel is on top of it, and will change their fortunes? Trump was trying to cozy up to Putin via his beauty pageant. it appears Trump wants to be the richest man in the world, and, he and his family do not care if he uses the office of the Presidency. MOTIVE! MOTIVE!

I suspect Russian Mafia types may have threatened…

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