I made another prophetic post at 8:35 A.M. At 3:12 P.M. Trump held another news conference that is even more chilling then the one yesterday. Trump began reading from a prepared statement. Who wrote it? This is important, because it constitutes a COVERUP, like what we saw in the Watergate hearings.  Nixon never apologized for his part. He never looked in the camera and told the Democrats he was sorry. Trump had his chance to say he was sorry to the Democrats – and so did Putin! After THE N’T LIE, some Republicans walked back their harsh world about their Republican President, and wen back to blaming the Democrats and the Devious Press the control, that will say anything to get dirt on THEIR MAN. This is GASLIGHTING! The Victim heard wrong. For selfish reason the Victim wanted to believe the worst had happened. How many European Leaders enjoyed Trump’s GASLIGHTING JOB?

When did the lights go out? Was it before, or after the N’T LIE? There was a huge storm outside. Was God angry? As the lights dimmed, I saw him. His one eye glowed in the dark. I saw……LUCIFER………..The Fallen Angel. Did you see that glowing eye? Did you see him fold his arms?

If Trump told America he lied because he does not want to go to jail where he would not be able to grab more pussy, then, there would be a big sigh of relief.

“Thank God!”

“I thought we were dealing with the Anti-Christ!”

I declared the Republican Part DEAD, years ago. But, I always thought The Presidency would survive. Today, IT IS DEAD! God killed The Abomination – for all parties! On some matters, God does not hand out Second Chances!

Of course The Devil wants to hold the most powerful seat of power in the world. But, then he saw Putin’s throne. He wants that one – too! Donald, is a Double Crosser! He also cheats on his wife.

John Presco


In the Real World, this is what should have happened in Helsinki. Trump and Putin go into a room together, get down on their knees, and pray to Jesus for guidance. Jesus appears to them, and says;

“Just tell the truth and, say you’re sorry, and ask to be forgiven by those you hurt!”

Our two billionaires go before the world, and, Putin begins their Public confession.

“I beg the Democrats for forgiveness, because I did all I could to make sure Hillary did not get elected, I conducted Cyber Warfare – and succeeded! Mr. Trump – your turn!”

“Sure I let those beautiful hookers pee all over me! Wouldn’t you. I swear, Melania, they were all over eighteen! Want this ball? Here catch!”



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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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