The South Has Risen – Western Civilization – Dies!

Last night, before I went to bed, I felt the growing dread in the air, as half of the grownups in America, and the World, saw THE ENEMY rear its ugly head – three ugly heads – to be exact! Most folks don’t know what they were looking at.  I know this was the Reality Show behind a Reality Show. This is ‘Party Down South’.  This is Trumpy Gras. The Yehaws are celebrating from the balcony because these racist Redneck butt-fuckers turned a New York Knickerbocker into a full blown Neo-Confederate, who just gave Europeans what-for because they failed to send their armies to defeat the Republican North, who put Abe Lincoln in office.  Now is the time to reinstall the Constitution – without the 13th. Amendment!

Look at them ears on Gomer and Rowdy Boy. Their grandpappy were Bootleggers who hated the Revenuers, and the FBI who caught them good ol boys who murdered the Freedmon Riders! Now the tables have been really turned. Every Liberal White Man and Woman is going to get theirs! Revenge is sweet!

I wish I was real good with a computer so I could put the heads of The Four Redneck Omegos on the bodies of the babes and dudes up on that infamous balcony, and, on the bodies of the Southern Hunks and Drunken Hookers running around half-naked on the beach. Trump told Theresa May that Immigration was huge because White European Culture must survive – at all cost!

I just finished watching the Trump and Theresa news conference, where Trumpshyster refused to let Jim Acosta ask questions of him – and the Primemiister – calling CNN fake news, and not a real news station. Our Redneck President parroted his attorney Giuliani who said the Mueller probe should be shut down now that Confederate Rebels have proven the FBI is biased against ignorant drunks, and butt-fuckers, who love their guns more than their country.

“We know how to treat your Northern Law Agents who come snooping around in OUR woods, OUR Country, OUR Bootleg Booze! Son, go get daddies KKK sheet. You want some of this action?”

A true Kangaroo Court and Modern Inquisition just took place. Roman Senators would be shocked. They would call Trump the reincarnation of Caligula. Somehow, their President took the witness stand, and was found innocent. He didn’t even have to be sworn in. He tells the Free Press that they are making his private dealings with Putin – very difficult! Churchill is fuming in his grave!

Western Civilization died in the Labyrinth and Blenheim Palace, just as I predicted. Victoria Bond, was not playing her bagpipe’s at this scene Fake Pomp and Glory! What a prop, a façade, a movie set……………Gone Hog Wild With The Wind!

“I’m a sane Genius!”

“I’m a dentist. I know body language very well!”

“I am a trained lawyer!”

The Southern Traitors alas get to show the world how they would treat foreigners if the Confederacy had won, and, the North, is no more. Southern Hospitality – rules!  Where is that black slave, who hands his master a bottle of fake water while Acosta is shut up, and butt-fucked in front of NATO?

NEVER RUN YOUR NATION OFF YOUR PROPAGANDA! FDR and Churchill struggled with this – and won the war! The Soviet Union – fell after breaking this primal rule that our President is oblivious to.  Trump has ruined us. He blames it all on a black ex-president.

This was a blatant act of feeding your fucked-up base, who are too stupid to know they are dining on raw human flesh! This is Tribalism………….GONE HOG WILD!  Consider ‘The Lord of the Flies’.

John Presco

British politicians expressed outrage Friday at US President Donald Trump’s attack on the government’s Brexit strategy, although one leading eurosceptic said it was “perfectly reasonable”.

“Where are your manners, Mr President?” tweeted universities minister Sam Gyimah.

Other MPs in May’s Conservative party rounded on the president for being “determined to insult” Prime Minister Theresa May as she hosted him on a trip to Britain.

The opposition Labour party called him “extraordinarily rude”.

Downing Street stayed silent but junior foreign minister Alan Duncan brushed off the row, saying Trump was a “controversialist, that’s his style”.

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