Cyber-Propaganda Wars – With Queen!

How dramatic! No sooner do the Trumps disappear from view with the Queen, then Rosenstein announces twelve RUSSIAN ARMY OFFICERS have been indicted. His voice cracks when he calls for unity in battling A MILITARY ATTACK on our Democratic Electoral Process. Rosenstein told THE FREE PRESS, Trump was informed – before his rancid news conference where CNN is called “Fake New” on a “Witch Hunt”.  How much does the British Secret Service know about the Russian Army hacking into computer used to conduct fair voting? The Dutch Secret Service hacked the Russian hackers! Is the Queen filling Trump in, employing her own secret sources?

I tune in Fox News to see how they are covering the Indictments, and I hear four Aryan Women, including a Aryan black woman, faking alarm that the butt-fucked FBI agent still has his security clearance. Our nation is divided – as the Russian Army planned! I suspect these same officers were looking forward to Trump abolishing the Mueller investigation from the Black Heart of Mother Russia. Mueller made his move!

Mueller needs to subpoena Trump’s Travel Game Plan! I think Melania is on meds. She can not bring herself to smile, or, look aware! Her genius and sane husband points some planes flying overhead, because, she does not lift her head to look up. She looks – GASLIGHTED! Did she get threats from the RUSSIAN ARMY? Does she believe Donald in hunting for a new Trophy Wife? Is the Duke of Edenborough on his death bed?

Jon Presco

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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