Cultural Shootout In Bozeman

Yesterday, that New York City Slicker came to Montana – and shot off his mouth – BIG TIME! He denegrated a black woman, and Native Americans. In his deluded mind, President Trump, believes this is HIS greatest salvo in the Culture War the Christian-right has been waging with Americans they deem – not one of them. What Trumpmouth didn’t address was the growing angst Cattle Ranchers are aiming in his direction. What I am going to do, is found a Anti-Trade War foundation and get China to fund it. Other nations will want to contribute. High Noon, in Bozeman Montana, is……….TODAY!

Rosamond Press

“Social media footprints suggest a suspect accused of fatally shooting a Montana sheriff’s deputy during a nighttime traffic stop was heavily immersed in antigovernment, anti-police and pro-gun militia views.

While Lloyd Barrus made Facebook postings suggesting government excesses at Ruby Ridge and Waco and showing armed Oath Keepers with a private helicopter, his son Marshall Barrus has a criminal record.”

The Oath Keepers, headed by Stewart Rhodes, is an armed Patriot group whose members claim to be ex-military and police officers whose primary purpose is to defend the Constitution. It’s not clear, at this point, if Barrus is a member of Oath Keepers, but he has posted several social media pictures suggesting a possible past connection with the military.

Lloyd Barrus’ Facebook page also showed photos of former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos saying the “Terrible, Pointless Awful War on Drugs – Replacing the Black Dad with the State.”

In April…

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